Microsoft Demo’s Live Mesh

image We formally demonstrated our synchronization framework, Live Mesh, at the Web 2.0 Expo.

Amit Mital gave a quick demonstration and played a video showing the Live Mesh technology at work. Fundamentally with Live Mesh, all your devices work together, your data and apps are always available. Essentially, Live Mesh is a collection of individual's "device mesh" and has a similar concept to technologies like Groove, Foldershare, but really brought to the web.

Mital played a video clip showing a mother taking a photo of a kid jumping into the water for a swim. As she takes the photo on her phone, it automatically syncs and appears on a remote PC, on a digital picture frame, on her husband's screen as he waits for a flight at the airport and other places.

This all follows on from the interview with Ray Ozzie on Tuesday on channel9, where he talks about Live Mesh and the services platform in general.




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