Upgrading to SQLServer 2008

Joey on the team spoke to Joe Young for EDGE about the work that he is doing to help ITPRO's plan the upgrade from SQLServer 2005 to SQLServer 2008.

Joey asked a number of questions. Here is what I heard

  1. What can I do now to make sure that the transition to SQLServer 2008 is as smooth as possible when it releases?
  2. Are the tools the same in SQLServer 2008 as they were in SQL Server 2005?
  3. [LONG] So there is an old machine in the switch room that is running SQLServer that noone knows about. How do the tools help get them off the old and on to the new?
  4. Is the tool the same for a small or large installation/db with SQL Server 2008?
  5. Lets walk through scenario - If I am SQLServer 2000 where do I go - 2005 or 2008?
  6. What are the GOTCHA's with the SQLServer upgrade tools?
  7. Where are the biggest improvements in upgrade advisor for 2008?
  8. If I want to setup a lab environment for Windows Server 2008, what is the required test setup?
  9. Where do I go to get more information about the SQLServer 2008 upgrade tools.

Click on the screen or follow the link below to the EDGE site.

SQL Server Upgrade with Joe Young

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