POWER TOOLS for Visual Studio Tools for Office released to the web

9 new "Power Tools" have been released to the web to help in the development and analysis of applications written for Office 2007, Open XML support and configuration of your office systems.

The 9 tools are packaged in 3 groups. There is an overview document:

- VSTO_PTRibbonIDs.exe installs the Ribbon IDs Tool Window.

- VSTO_PTExtLibs.exe installs the Office Interop API Extensions and Custom UI Manager.

- VSTO_PT.exe installs all other power tools.

- VSTOA Power Tools.docx – overview document.

Here’s the download page: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=46B6BF86-E35D-4870-B214-4D7B72B02BF9&displaylang=en

Here is a list of all the tools which you can download.... Pretty cool.

Office Custom UI Manager - A set of classes for coordinating multiple instances of Ribbon, custom task pane and custom form region.

Office Interop API Extensions - A set of C# classes for handling parameterized properties, optional/named parameters, and for LINQ-enabling Office collection objects.

Open XML Package Editor - A graphical treeview-based editor for examining and editing Open XML Package files (including Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents).

Ribbon IDs ToolWindow - A custom tool window that displays all re-usable built-in Office Ribbon IDs.

SharePoint Feature Sweeper - A GUI tool that cleans up unwanted SharePoint features from the target server.

SharePoint Workflow Package Generator - A build tool to package a SharePoint workflow project so that the developer can hand the workflow to the admin for deployment.

VSTO/VSTA Pipeline Verifier - A GUI tool that reflects over custom pipeline assemblies to validate the complete VSTA pipeline.

VSTO Developer Cleaner - A GUI tool that cleans up the developer's machine from leftover build artifacts in the registry and certificate store.

VSTO Troubleshooter - A diagnostic tool that examines a machine for the necessary pre-requisites for running VSTO solutions.

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