Windows Server 2008 Launch With Iain McDonald

This week David had a chat with Iain McDonald who is the person responsible for getting Windows Server 2008 to the party on time. Pretty interesting how his PM team works to make sure that all the parts of the product come together.

Server 2008 launch interview with Iain McDonald
As part of the "over the EDGE" series, we checked out his office ( Iain does not have the tidiest offices unless things have changed ).

There we found a Windows Server 2003 R2 comedic poster, Windows 95 launch pass, Iain driving Brian Valentine wearing a pink ballerina outfit (tutu) on his motorcycle,  Iain's band from 1985, an Australian $10 bill, "big mofo" heat sinks, and a picture of Iain at the Nasdaq.


Comments (2)

  1. Brook says:

    Your excessive use of caps-lock isn’t making people more excited about .Net.

    Please get a clue and come back when you can be a good net citizen.

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