Windows Server 2008 Clustering Services Screencast

image This week on EDGE I had a chat with Adam about the new failover clustering capabilities within Windows Server 2008 and he showed this in action. After a discussion on the whiteboard, Adam walked me through the installation of clustering support on Windows Server 2008, which involved setting up the clustered configuration across two machines and finally selecting a clustered service, which is this case was to configure Hyper-V in a clustered environment. After starting the Hyper-V virtual environment on one physical machine, Adam failed over the virtual machine to the second physical machine while still maintaining all the state and the running applications. Pretty damm cool, all in less than a minute.

To get to the screen cast get here ( Windows Server 2008 Clustering [SCREEN CAST] )

There is quite a lot of information about Windows Server Clustering in Windows Server 2008. For more details on the features of the new version, the best place to start is here

For more technical information and a step-by-step guide to setting this up start here

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