Microsoft Server and Tools support for Windows Server 2008


I have had a number of customers and partners asking what "Microsoft" products will be supported at the Windows Server 2008 at launch and beyond? Fair question and below is the current status. I have placed them into four categories, RTM, H1 2008, H2 2008 and not supported. Hope this helps.

What will support Windows Server 2008 at RTM?

  • .NET Framework 2.0 (installed)

  • .NET Framework 3.0 SP1 ( part of Application Server role )

  • .NET Framework 3.5

  • Dynamics CRM 4.0

  • Exchange Server 2007 SP1

  • Forefront Security Server 1.0

  • MOSS SP1 ( installation notes for Windows Server 2008)

  • SQL Server 2005 SP2

  • System Center Data Protection Manager 2007

  • System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (Formerly SMS)

  • System Center Operations Manager 2007

  • Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 SP1 ( installation notes for Windows Server 2008 )

  • Visual Studio 2008

  • WSUS 3.0 SP1

Clearly there are some critical applications which are included in this list, including SQL, Exchange, MOSS and Windows Sharepoint Services. We will ship the Hyper-V technology 180days after RTM.

What are we planning to support in the first half of 2008?

  • Dynamics AX 2009

  • MOM SP1

  • SCCM 2007SP1

  • Forefront Client Security SP1

What are we planning to support in the second half of 2008?

  • Application Virtualization 4.5

  • Commerce Server 2007 SP2

  • HIS 2006 SP1

  • MOM 2005 SP1

  • SQL Server 2008

  • System Center Essentials 2007 SP1 

  • Windows System Center VMM 2.0

  • Windows Essential Business Server

  • Windows Small Business Server Codenamed "Cougar"

  • Windows HPC Server 2008

So What will not be supported?

  • SMS 2003

  • System Center Reporting Manager

  • Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006 and earlier

Some server products are missing from the list. More will be known in the coming months, but this is a pretty complete list.

Comments (20)

  1. anonymous says:

    1.  What is System Center Essentials 2001?

    2.  What about SBS!!!!!!! ? : )

  2. neilhut says:

    System Center Essentials in on the list to be supported in H2.

    No announcement has been made on SBS yet.

  3. Ryan says:

    Any news on ISA 2008?  It’s very hard to find any information about it.  If it’s coming in 2008, it’d be helpful to find out what’s in store, as well as a release estimate.

  4. Jeanb's blog says:

    Lors de mon stage sur Windows Server 2008, j'ai longtemps cherché les logiciels supporté

  5. Roady-MVP says:

    What about Virtual Server?

    The info page of Virtual Server says "Windows Server 2003 or later" but it is saying that long before Windows Server 2008 RTM 😉

    It might be nice to hear it the other way around as well; that Windows Server 2008 supports Virtual Server 2005 R2.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. PBD says:

    Did you people not learn from Vista!!!  I can’t even run the Windows 2003 Admin Pack on a Vista machine without jumping through hoops.  And that’s a simple set of applications (comparitively speaking).

    You want us to spend money and upgrade to your bloated cruddy OS’s and you are not even willing to spend the time and (our) money on making half your stuff work with it?

    What a joke.

  7. neilhut says:

    To read this, it sounds that we are 1) not being very transparent about what we are supporting 2) not shipping any Microsoft products that support Windows Server 2008 at RTM and beyond.

    The fact is that we have SQL, Exchange, MOSS, WSS + many others today and a transparent plan to you on when they will be supported. I think that is very different to the past.

    On your point that this is a cruddy OS, I guess that is your call. The reviews that have come through this week seem to have a very different opionion on the matter.

  8. Serge says:

    I find the list a bit confusing.

    According to the OpsMgr Team ( support will be RTM + 90 DAYS for both Agent & Server Roles.

    At ITForum Barcelona, ConfigMgr Team members stated that SCCM server roles would only be supported from SCCM SP1 on.

    By the way I installed succesfully the SMS 2003 Agent on Windows Server 2008.

  9. Nick says:

    What is System Center Essentials 2001?

  10. Hok says:

    Does the Windows 2008 RTM support app compability "Windows Vista"? In RC 0, it only support Windows 2003, XP, and xp predesesor.

  11. Stefen says:

    Thank you very much, Neil, very helpful info though I’m not happy with letting out SMS2003.

    One thing I do not understand:

    What are we planning to support in the first half of 2008?

    (…) MOM SP1

    What are we planning to support in the second half of 2008?

    (…) MOM 2005 SP1


  12. Pete Mitchell says:

    "We will ship the Hyper-V technology 180days after RTM"

    Uh, am I missing something here?  I just downloaded the RTM from Technet Plus and it includes the ability to install Hyper-V.

  13. neilhut says:

    When you install the Hyper-V, this is a BETA version of the software. The final bits will be available in 180 days ( from RTM)

  14. neilhut says:

    Once we state that we support products like MOM, they will be fully supported by Microsoft through the support channel.

  15. neilhut says:

    Mistake on System Center Essentials

  16. Adam Cogan says:

    What about Performance Point


  17. Ilan says:

    I read on that Virtual Server 2005 also won’t be supported by Windows Server 2008 at RTM-date. Is this true? And if so, does that mean that virtualisation is a no at Windows Server 2008 launch-time?

  18. Bicara produk baru, dalam hal ini Windows Server 2008, selain kita membicarakan fitur, banyak juga yang

  19. Ted says:

    What about Visual Studio 2005 (+ SP1 + Vista compatibility pack)?

  20. Matt Hester placed a screencast on EDGE which steps you through how to install Microsoft Office Sharepoint

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