MySpace presenting at MIX on RESTful WCF

Most people consider Windows Communication Foundation ( WCF ) as a great framework for communicating between applications using the open standard WS-* protocol. I am not sure that many realize the high quality support that WCF (in .NET Framework 3.5) provides for building REST based interfaces too.

Vittorio just blogged about a session at Mix this year, where guys from MySpace are going to talk about how they created their social APIs for MySpace using WCF. He has been working with MySpace and the WCF team for the last few months, specifically on how to leverage these web capabilities. Here is the result.

Very cool and I am sure there will be a lot of buzz around it.

Here are the sessions details

Creating a RESTful API with Windows Communication Foundation

Speaker(s): Paul Walker

Audience(s): Technical

Session Type: Breakout

Learn how MySpace used Windows Communication Foundation and .NET 3.5 to rapidly scale up a massive RESTful API infrastructure that process millions of requests a day.

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  1. neilhut says:

    Blake I hope this is better 🙂

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