What is the truth behind the "Lone Server"

MSCOM OPS with Microsoft.com, WS08, IIS7, and the Lone Server

Last week I had a post about the "Lone Server" Video which was an off-take about the last Windows Server 2003 in the data center. Based on this blog, one of my guys wanted to find the truth about the story and see what was really happening with Windows Server 2008 deployment in MSCOM. The end result was pretty long, but the discussion was placed on the EDGE site for all to see.

He is the run down if you want to jump straight to the right section on the discussion. You can also find the complete post at the following location.

00:00 - Who Jeff is and what he and his team does
04:29 - What the environment & hardware config is like
06:20 - Steps they took to migrate from the start

  • Get it to install (worked with it in alpha)
  • Feedback / work with IIS7 product team
  • Configuration to test server
  • Performance testing & tuning (i.e. with WCAT, etc)
  • Move to single production box

12:32 - Challenges they had in the migration
14:37 - Specific tips on how to migrate from IIS6 to IIS7
18:18 - Migration from classic to integrated mode difficult?
19:30 - Benefits of Integrated Mode
28:58 - Performance Tips: Caching/compression/tuning dynamic content
33:15 - Does the Lone Server really exist?
35:40 - A final summary and information about failure request event buffering (FREB).
37:56 - Over the Edge

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