HPC ( High Performance Computing ) DEEP DIVE

On the February 26 – 28 (2008) we are going to hold a HPC Deep Dive for a small number of customers or partners building solutions on the Windows Server HPC platform ( Windows CCS ) at the campus in Redmond.

These are developer lab events where attending companies bring own code/scenario and work directly with experts from the Windows Compute Cluster Server product teams and developer evangelism on architectural issues and scenario white-boarding. Each customer has their own office for the time period.

This is not a traditional training event.  There are no presentations or exercises.  Attendees are expected to have a working knowledge of the technologies and have code that they are developing - and have potentially run into issues

The lab has very limited numbers of attendees, but if you have a specific need, please contact me and I will get you a Questionnaire to fill in, which helps identify whether you are the right attendee for this lab.

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