New Visual Studio 2008 CASE STUDIES IN ACTION

So what is there to shout about as far as adoption is concerned with VS2008? Quite a bit. We work with around 1000 partners during the evangelism of our new tools suite. During the time we do highlight some of the partners that have supported the new platform. Here are some of these partner case studies to view (OpenNetCF, Sogeti, Xcalia, K2, and MethodFactory).

We are seeing this kind of message ever day. While it can feel a little marking ( I am not a marketing guy ) after a while you have to start drinking to cool-aid. VS2008 is an awesome product.


Xerox Cuts Development Time and Cost in Half, Boosts Scalability 500 Percent

Xerox analysts look to optimal software tools to provide optimal document outsourcing and service to clients. When the company needed a more scalable tool, Xerox built it using Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5. Development took half the time and money that a Flash-based solution would have required. The tool delivers superb graphics and will help dramatically increase productivity and efficiency for Xerox and its services clients.

“Thanks to Visual Studio Team System and the .NET Framework 3.5, we easily saved 50 percent of the time and money it would have taken to create the tool using Flash.”  - Eugene Shustef, Feature Design Lead, Global Technology, Xerox

The full Xerox case study is available here.

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