EDGE is Launched


Well I guess the story is out anyway, with Mary Jo Foley's post about the EDGE site over the weekend, but this afternoon in Barcelona we are officially announcing the site at the TechED ITFORUM keynote. I have to say that I am not that happy about us having to "announce" this site at an event, as this is a site for the community, but you can not have everything.

So what is the site all about? Well in a few works, this is a channel9 site, focused on IT Professionals. The longer version, is that we want to provide a transparent view of Microsoft, and ask the kinds of behind the scenes questions that ITPROs what to here.

We have a team of three people in Corp who are going to help this along. David Tesar, Adam Carter, Giovanni Marchetti are all part of my ITPRO team, and we will be interviewing the people you ask, about the things that you are interested in.

The video took us a while to create. Pretty cool with the help of Laura in Jeff's team. We got a graffiti artist from LA to paint the EDGE logo on a wall and we also grabbed a number of ITPROs that were visiting campus and asked them what they wanted too see. Fun.

In the final hours, we are still having a few problems with the signon page and the linkage with LiveID 🙁 I guess our work is not done.

Comments (2)

  1. Live ID is fixed and working great.

  2. danf says:

    Sounds like marketing to me. Just like channel9, they only talk about the things they really want to do. The artist is a sellout.

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