Windows Sharepoint Services splits from Windows Server 2008

image Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 is going to be removed from the final version of Windows Server 2008 and will once again be an installable component from the web. This change has been made pretty late in the game, but this is no difference to the situation we have today with Windows Server 2003.

For people who currently have the RC0 version of Windows Server 2008, there is going to be a change when they move to RC1, but not a significant one. Down the road, this will aid in the maintainability of the Windows Server and the Windows Microsoft Update process moving forward.

There seems to be some concern on the threads ( including this one from Mary Jo Foley ) on the subject, and the reasons behind this? There is certainly no plan to make WSS a product we sell. Its free guys and has been for a long time.


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  1. Mike Sharp says:

    I just attended the Windows Server 2008 Hosting Roadshow in Vancouver BC last night, and I was left with several questions unanswered.

    A lot of the very cool stuff that IIS 7 has in the new server version are things that us WSS users have had for a while now.  Things like centralized configuration, easy web farm buildout etc.  Granted, the point of the show was

    So, what benefit (other than improved security) will I have if I drink the kool-aide and implement WSS on Server 2008?

    And, more importantly, since WSS 3.0 provisions IIS sites for me, will it play with the new configuration structure, or is it going to continue to use the legacy metabase.xml?  Are we talking about a new release of WSS 3.0 specifically for the platform?

    And, will the new efficiencies of W2k8 in application pool management extend to WSS?  I like how server resources are more efficiently managed when each web site has it’s own application pool, but does WSS benefit?

  2. Mike Sharp says:

    Hmm, lost a few words in the post.

    I meant to say, granted, the point of the event was to show traditional hosters that IIS7 can host PHP and offers a lot of the same features as apache, but what about WSS?

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