Hardware Virtualization – A Reality?

The Virtualization market is certainly going through a number of radical changes and will continue down this path for a number of years. This week ZDNET asked the question about whether all or part of the hypervisor would be placed in silicon, with the announcements from ZEN and VWWARE that they are effectively going to provide OEM versions of their software that could be embedded within servers ( not part of the operating systems ).

This is another very interesting twist and while I think that the complexity and advances in hypervisor technology will be so rapid in the next few years, that this technology will not make it into the silicon for server based environments, the opportunities on the client look a whole lot more appealing, with consumers wanting to run app's from different operating systems on the same machine with little of the enterprise features such as remote migration and resource utilization.

With multicore, multi-environment laptops with 10GB of memory and 100+GB solid state hard drives, this is going to be one hell of a device for running solitaire.


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  1. If anyone has any doubts about how important virtualisation is, then please take another look. Sure,

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