Works with Windows Server 2008?

In the past it has always been pretty hard for partners or customers writing server applications to check that they are doing the right things when they install, run and get uninstalled. There are quite a few tools from Microsoft that help in the process, but as a software developer you have to patch them all together. For Windows Server 2008 we want to make things a bit easier!!!!


To do this, we have created an automated tool call the "Works With Windows Server 2008" tool which performs automated tests for you and provides a report on success. That report can then be sent to Microsoft if you want to be part of the Windows Server 2008 catalog or to your boss if you want to do an audit ( or impress ).


They tool is in it first beta form now and will be in RTM in the next month or so. To download it, please go to the following link.

Give it a try and send me some feedback.. PS. The Anti Virus test does not correctly work yet, but everything else is pretty much there.

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