EATING THE DOG FOOD – Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

At Microsoft, we do a lot of "dog fooding" of our technologies in the datacenter before they are released, but for some reason, AD-FS has not seen too much of this ( apart some small sites).

I just registered for one of our larger internal events, to find to my amazement that you can now logon using AD-FS? Woow....

The experience was so much better

- Quite access to the site

- Did not have to fumble to find my company ID or create any crazy user-id

- Pulled out a lot of the information from Active Directory so I did not have to re-enter the information again

- Pointed me straight to the information I wanted to know....


Aside from that, it is a whole lot more secure that the old method, where ID guessing is very possible.

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