Interop for the Identity Metasystem

Last week Microsoft announced a bunch of things to improved interoperability around online identity management. This builds on the standards work on over the last three years to allow developers to create solutions to a common identity framework called the "identity metasystem". We have CardSpace ( Identity Selector ) which is built into Vista and part of .NET 3.0, but there are developers also building on other frameworks and platforms. This helps them support this...What's the news...

a)Identity Selector Interoperability Profile v1.0 put under OSP
b)Relying Party support for heterogeneous platforms (Java ,Ruby on Rails, PHP & C)


Some details that I can talk about :-

Identity Selector Interoperability Profile v1.0 put under OSP

Last year we made 38 Web services specifications available under the Open Specification Promise (OSP). A subset of those specifications, such as WS-Trust and WS-SecureConversation, addressed identity metasystem scenarios and have led to interoperable identity solutions such as Novell Inc.’s Bandit project and the Eclipse Foundation’s the Higgins Trust Framework Project. This annoucement extends this to make the Identity Selector Interoperability Profile available under the OSP to enhance interoperability.


Microsoft Creates Four Open Source Projects to Help Make Web Sites Identity-Aware

Microsoft is starting four open source projects that will help Web developers support information cards, the primary mechanism for representing user identities in the identity metasystem. These projects will implement software for specifying the Web site’s security policy and accepting information cards.

Ruby on Rails Relying Party:

Java Relying Party:

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