Truly Virtually Yours

Remember how time consuming it is to install Windows Sever or Longhorn from scratch, especially if you only want to test an application and after that, tear down the machine. Usually Windows Server is not enough and you need to install SQLServer or MOM and configure to your requirements. Wouldn’t it be great to just pick a VHD in the cloud which has already been installed correctly, download and start the test. Eureka…Well what you now have is a program where anyone on the planet will be able to download a VHD from Microsoft with Windows Server + other software configurations to test their scenario in minutes….


What is going to be even more interesting ( for me anyway ) is the fact that partners will be able to install their own software on these images, re-package them up and place them on their web sites so that their potential customers can test drive them in pre-set configurations.


Imagine being able to test your favorite Line of Business Application on your system in minutes without affecting any of your existing configurations….. Cool.


The main details of the program can be found here.


There will be more to follow  in the following days and weeks.

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