Longhorn Server Software Design Review – One Week AWAY!!

Well, we are one week away from the software design review. The sessions are loaded and it looks like we have a pretty packed show!! This has been a pretty hard last three weeks but I think that we have some great content and presenters. The agenda is here and the full abstracts for the sessions can be found here. Pretty cool.

Whether this is Dave Green who is the architect or Windows Workflow Foundation, or Doug Purdy who is GPM for Windows Communication Foundation all the way to a whole host of GPMs for the core fundimentals of the Lonhorn Server OS they are all in attendance.

As before, you can attend, and this is pretty much your last chance as we are almost full. If you develop on the Microsoft platform and want to understand how to develop to Windows Server Longhorn and the WinFX platform, then this is a great oppertunity to find it all in three days.

Register at the following location : http://www.longhornsdr.com

Speak to you next week when we are running to rumble.


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