Windows Server ‘Longhorn’ Software Design Review – time to review the sessions

Its your chance to impact the agenda of the Windows Server "Longhorn" software design review.

Well it was the T-3 weeks deadline yesterday for the Windows Server "Longhorn" SDR. We have the first draft agenda out of the door which should soon be published on the registration site . Lets hope it sticks :-). If you go to volker's blog you will see the full draft agenda plus other stuff we are doing.

INVITE YOURSELF : If you are an ISV partner that builds on the Microsoft stack and want to know about all the Windows Server inovations, then please register. The event is free amd there is a nice surprise at the end !!!.

On content, the first presentations are starting to come in from the product team which is a great sign. Some are a little easier than others, for example we have talked about the IIS7 product for a little while now. However we only have 3 sessions in the whole event, based on the massive scope of the server product.

Any comments on the sessions around IIS7. Are we missing something that we should have as a side meeting or session for developers?

  1. IIS 7: End-to-end overview of Microsoft’s New Web Application Server

  2. IIS 7: Building Custom Web Server Extensions

  3. IIS 7: Getting the Most out of New Delegation and Configuration Capabilities

Anything missing - here is your chance. These session will be on the web in a couple of months.

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  1. Looks like Neil wants to give away all the secrets of our April 11th event. Recently he posted about…

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