Windows Server ‘Longhorn’ Software Design Review

For the Windows Server Longhorn SDR we are working through the final stages of the content. We have three weeks to go before the big day for the product team. If you are a Microsoft Partner, please register for the event at and this will provide you with 3 days of developer content on how you can support Longhorn Server.

Todays thoughts are all about the network. Based on the 48 sessions that we have at the event and the wide range of content we are looking to go with 4 sessions.

  1. Leveraging Innovations in the Windows Server “Longhorn” Networking Stack

  2. Overview of the Windows Filtering Platform

  3. Windows Server “Longhorn” Networking for Developers

  4. Creating Opportunities with IPv6

Are there any other technologies in the networking area that we should consider?

Any breakout sessions?



Comments (3)

  1. No, according to our server marketing folks. But Ward is damned right: Quality first (w/o the dots)….

  2. neilhut says:

    Several broad test releases of Windows Server “Longhorn” are planned with the first being available to customers later this spring. We still are on track to ship in 2007.

  3. Looks like Neil wants to give away all the secrets of our April 11th event. Recently he posted about…

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