Truly Virtually Yours

Remember how time consuming it is to install Windows Sever or Longhorn from scratch, especially if you only want to test an application and after that, tear down the machine. Usually Windows Server is not enough and you need to install SQLServer or MOM and configure to your requirements. Wouldn’t it be great to just pick…


Halloween Faster PHP on Windows

Today we announced that we are collaborating with ZEND to make a comparable performing solution for PHP developer on Windows running IIS. This is all coming about through the release of an add-on component for IIS called FastCGI that will serve as the interface between PHP and the IIS Web server in a performant way….


The 4 year security push is paying off

An interesting report today by Port80 says that for the first time, Internet Information Server 6 (IIS) has surpassed the market share of Apache, based on research for the top fortune 1000 companies’ use of web servers for Internet hosting. This is pretty cool news and shows were we are heading. Thats the great news,…


Intel pledges 80 cores in five years – time to get out the threading manual

I guess that as I have been discussing for a while, developers are going to have to start getting a whole lot smarter about the way they write applications to make use of the multi-core technologies coming from AMD and Intel.   At IDF last week they announced there “CORE PLEDGE” to the industry with…


CardSpace Sandbox – Try it

With the .NET Framework 3.0 CardSpace bits getting more stable, its time to take a poke at the technology. After the great success of our teams coordination of the launch of we recently setup a CardSpace sandbox at . So what have we done? Well like most sites on the web today, this site provides…


Windows Principles – 12 tenents which the product team will stand by

Yesterday Brad Smith announced a set of operating principles that will reinforce how Microsoft will continue to develop and license the Windows platform. Based on the popular “Tenents” concept, Microsoft has created 12 tenents which have been defined. I think it is a pretty good core list and provide a level of transparency on what we provide to…


Intel to cut 1000 management jobs

It looks like Intel is getting seroius about cutting some fat in the battle with AMD. From the report they are looking to loose a 1000 jobs from now until the end of July. This is pretty major and might enable them to refocus on the things that are core to the business, rather than going…


Goodbye WinFX, Long live .NET and Hello Windows CardSpace ™ :-)

Well the brand guys are at it again. It is with mix emotions that Microsoft decided to rebrand WinFX to the .NET Framework 3.0. The bad side for me is that we have been putting a lot of investment into the WinFX brand over the last few years since we announced Windows “Longhorn”, but on the good…


A new home for Identity

As a developer have you even noticed that getting access to the whole Identity and Access Management story on MSDN is virtually impossible. Grrr. Well our team has taken some small steps to do something about it. Donovan Follete who looks after a lot of these technologies as a technical evangelist has just launched a…


Recruiting – Longhorn Server Heading for Beta 2

Have you ever through about being a Senior Developer Evangelist at Microsoft who is responsible for the broad adoption of Longhorn Server? Here is a great oppertunity to evanglise the very latest developer technologies in Longhorn Server, present at key events around developer subjects such as TechED and PDC, work with the worlds leading partners…