Signing a existing .NET assembly

I could’nt find any support for signing a unsigned .NET assembly in .NET Framework 2.0 SDK.  Provided I have the source code and option to rebuild the assembly, I can sign it in the process of assembly generation. Thankfully ILMerge tool came for the rescue. It can be downloaded from Command to sign: ilmerge…


Ever wondered why your .CHM file(s) does not work?

  I had couple of .CHM files, specially for C# .NET related stuff and I saw some of the chm files when I open them I see “This page cannot be displayed” error. Finally I figured out that there could be two reasons for this: [Option 1 courtesy chan.chawla from the posted comment, adding as…


Handling ThreadAbortException

By definition ThreadAbortException cannot be stopped. Even if you have something like catch (ThreadAbortException) or catch (Exception), the ThreadAbortException invocation will follow the catch blocks. But as soon as the block ends the same exception is raised again.The only way to eat out this exception is to catch and call Thread.CurrentThread.ResetAbort().[]