Configuring BSNL Modem with Airtel Broadband

This blog is relevant for Broadband service providers in India.

I had BSNL broadband service and in that course I also bought Huawei ADSL modem which worked perfectly fine with BSNL (as it was pre-configured to be used with BSNL). The problem arises when I moved to new apartment and BSNL did not have their broadband service to the new location. So I moved to Airtel broadband service and the plan that I selected was charging me Rs 50 per month for the Airtel ADSL (Beetel) modem. Doesn't make sense if you have some other modem and all that matters is configuration. So here are the steps to configure your Huawei modem with Airtel service provider:

Configuring PPPoA/PPPoE (Airtel) with Huawei modem
Connect to Modem directly and set the following for TCP/IP properties (I am in Hyderabad region and the default gateway might be specific to this zone. Check with the Airtel Service Engineer about this detail if you are located in some other area)
Default Gateway-

After the LAN is connected, go to your modem configuration page (must be or something similar. Check your modem documentation).

Edit ATM Setting: [For BSNL it's 0/35]. For Airtel
    Set VPI as 1
    Set VCI as 32

-In PPP section provide your Airtel user name and password   


- Enable 'Use DNS'
DHCP Mode to 'DHCP Server'

Save and Reboot (from Menu)
It should now be able to connect to Airtel broadband....

Happy Surfing

Comments (17)

  1. Sushil says:

    Dear Sir

    Can u please tell how i can use my Dataone BSNL Broadband ( Home Unlimited) at my shop where i have limited plan? BSNL people says the port is binded and only one telephone number can use one connection…..Means i can use my home connection at my home and shop connection at shop…..Can u tell me any solution for using my password anywhere?

  2. Prakash says:

    Hi Sushil,

    If your Home is close to your shop, like ground & first floor etc., put a wireless router and install a wireless card on your PC.  You will hence, not need two connections in the first place.

    However, if your home is far away, ie.. more than 100 mtrs, then there are no "simple" solutions for it right now, other than the setup that you’re using.

    Hope this helps

  3. Raj says:

    Thanks..I was looking for this info as I just got Airtel BB connection and wanted to use it with BSNL model. It works perfect.

  4. joey says:

    Hey.. seeing the above problem of BSNL ADSL modem to work with Airtel broadband, my situation is just reverse. I have moved to an area where Airtel broadband services are not available. Hence I have applied for a BSNL broadband connection. Can I use the Airtel modem with the BSNL connection. What configuration changes do I have to make? Please reply 🙂

  5. Prem says:

    Can you please me configure for bsnl ar800v v3.0 , to work with Airtel broadband

  6. NeerajAg says:


    Now I do not have either of the router to experiment. All I could suggest now is to look for the mentioned settings in the new router and try to configure those settings. If you have some other ADSL router, also try to brows through the settings if here are any new settings. I have posted this long time back and by now there must be additional settings and options available in new generation of routers.

  7. mkd says:

    Now i am using bsnl teracom modem. and how to change the modem settings to airtel broadband for wifi connection

  8. meena says:

    hi neeraj even i have a airtel broadband connection at my home  but em facing a problem now  that sometime my adsl create problem so i cant access my net in the begining it was very nice actually i dont wat s the prob is ?

  9. NeerajAg says:


    what is the problem symptom that you are seeing? can u describe that?

  10. pankaj says:

    sir I have a modem who was before used by airtel connection now I have taken bsnl connection how its setting can be change.pls sir ans me in 3-4 days

  11. Gokul says:


    I'm using a Airtel connection with a BSNL modem.

    The problem I face is with the Wi-Fi.

    I need to switch the modem on and off a few times until the Wi-Fi network gets detected on my devices.

    Sometimes it gets detected the very first time, sometimes after a few times and sometimes it does after repeatedly doing it.

    But If I connect it to the laptop with the cable it works fine. It is just the Wi-Fi.

    I really don't know what the problem is, please help.

  12. jaasim says:

    dear sir,

      back up ur config setting and upload it so we can change user name and password and use it instantly

  13. Akshit says:

    hlo neeraj i have an bsnl wifi router and want to use my airtel wifi through BSNL wifi router

    i have followed all your instructions but it creates a problem that this network cannot be connected

    what should i do

  14. Neeraj says:


    My post was about using the broadband settings and nothing to do with wifi router. Generally speaking, you should be able to use the wifi router with any providers. Look inside wifi router manual.

  15. chris says:

    hi i had dlink 300n adslmodem  wireless router. In (TN) my area bsnl service is not available. can i use other broabband services with this wifi router. If yes please give configuration tips and good broad band service providers.

  16. Monish says:

    Hi, I am using an airtel Broadband landline INTERNET connection in Gwalior ( Madhya Pradesh) through beetel modem, Now i want to use  WIFI through that connection but i have an BSNL wifi modem,  Could you plz  tell how i can use my BSNL wifi Modem on aitel broadband connection..

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