How to run NDISTest outside the DTM

The DTM that shipped in the Windows Vista RTM timeframe contains two versions of the NDISTest tool, v.6.0 and v.6.5. You can run both of these tools manually outside the DTM. Running the tools manually gives you flexibility in selecting which tests to run individually. 

Here is how to do it:


The way to do this is to install the DTM controller on a PC and look for the following folder (driver letter might be different on your PC):

E:Program FilesMicrosoft Driver Test ManagerTestsx86frenttestNetTestndis


In this folder there will be 3 directories, two of which are:

Ndistest (6.0 version) (6.5 version)


Copy the tools to the machine on which you want to run the tests and just launch them.


You cannot go into "manual" mode in the DTM like you used to in the HCT so this is the only way to launch individual NDISTest tests.


-- Rade


Comments (3)

  1. hykim says:

    I am testing an NDIS 6 miniport driver on Vista x64.  My setup consists of one Vista machine (DUT) and another running Windows 2003.  NDISTEST 6 works well, but I am having trouble with NDISTEST 6.5.

    During many tests, NDISTEST 6.5 client on the Vista machine aborts tests saying that it failed to create remote protocol manager.  Debug output and event viewer on NDISTEST 6.5 server on the Windows 2003 machine show that ndprot6 service does not start.  The reason for failure seems to be that ndprot6.sys is not fining netio.sys.  This file seems to only exist on Vista.  Is this expected?  Does NDISTEST 6.5 require Vista?  I also checked the options on NDISTEST 6.5 server and it is set to use ndprot5.1, not 6.  

    I will run NDISTEST 6.5 from DTM and see if it works.  If it does, then I guess I have to figure out how to configure NDISTEST 6.5 to make it work on Windows 2003.

  2. Mahameed says:

    We developed 10 GigE cards for win2003 and XP 64 bits. As a result we can’t use NDIS 6.0 but NDIS 5.2 that comes with SP2.

    I tried to run NDISTest standalone as you mentioned and got the following error message. Do you have any idea what is the problem. I checked the NDIS version and it’s 5.2.3790.3959

    error message: NDTCore does not work on Ndis Version <5.0!

  3. joj0jo says:

    I tried the debugger but cannot get the symbols loaded – says symbols are wrong

    there are thousands of symbols to pick from which one do I choose?

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