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Welcome to the NDIS and NDISTest blog... we are just getting started so be patient.

We want this blog to be a place where you can come and learn about the latest NDIS APIs, NDISTest test tool, get answers to your questions and more... stay tuned...

- The Network Devices Platform team, a.k.a the NDIS team

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  1. tansontang says:


       I have a question about selective suspend and unplug issue.

       We develop Wireless LAN driver in XP and encounter some challenge.

    Hope you can help me to solve.

    We use selective suspend function let device (our USB Wireless LAN card) enter D2 mode,then unplug the device.This time the wireless network card icon in right-bottom screen can NOT disappear.

    But when our miniport driver in normal status(not enter D2 mode),the icon can disappear when unpluged the network card.

    If we refresh in network card property, the icon will disappear.

    In our WLAN driver, we can observe:

    When WLAN driver detects device is idle, then we call selective suspend function. When we unplugged network card this time, our miniport Halt function will be called, but miniport Reset function is not called.

    Could you help me when we unplug the network card in D2, why miniport reset function is not called?

  2. Skaramush says:


    – Is there any sample in DDK for handling selective suspend in NDIS miniports?



  3. vasanthmatrix says:


       I’m looking at implementing NDIS based GPRS in my RIL driver and simultaneously enable multiple data connections.

    Can somebody please let me know the process involved in NDIS implementation in RIL.

    Right now, I have a os image with NDIS GPRS enabled in the RIL. The ril driver is initializing properly. While establishing the data connection the PDP context is getting activated, the device is able to resolve the IP.

    but I dont see any data flow between the RIL proxy and RIL driver. I understand that RIL driver must expose the NDIS interface. My current RIL driver doesn’t expose the NDIS interface.

    From the msdn documentation I find that RIL miniport Driver exposes NDIS interface.

    Can somebody please help me with RIL miniport driver development  or the process involved in the NDIS implementation on RIL

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