IoC on Silverlight

A number of IoC containers have Silverlight versions - Ninject and Unity especially seem to have healthy Silverlight offerings. Silverlight 2.0 is a variant of the .NET runtime, so this isn't too surprising.

Thanks to Tyson Stolarski and Rinat Abdullin, Autofac recently joined their ranks with a Silverlight-compatible build. (This one is hot off the press, so test it thoroughly before you set out to build anything mission-critical :))

MEF hasn't released any concrete plans for Silverlight, but experimenters can probably coerce the Codeplex source into a compatible build by hacking the .csproj file.

If you're reading this blog and use IoC on Silverlight in one form or another:

  • What have your experiences been like?
  • Do you use IoC in the UI, the 'back-end' or both?
  • Does loose coupling/runtime composition get in the way of XAML-based designers?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. niblumha says:

    If you’re interested in what was required to get Autofac to build on Silverlight, Rinat has kindly written about the experience here:

  2. Miguel Madero says:

    I’ve been using Ninject all over the applications, ViewModels, Views, Services, Models, etc… I think it’s a great tool. I mainly followed the example of Jonas ( with some custom tweaks.

    It’s great that we can provide a good design time experience. Also for testing purposes we have been able to easily mock dependencies.

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