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Page produit de SharePoint DesignerConnaissez-vous SharePoint Designer 2007 ? Comme son nom l'indique, c'est l'outil de création par excellence pour SharePoint. Héritier de FrontPage 2003, il est devenu aujourd'hui un outil beaucoup plus puissant et intégré à SharePoint. Avec l'introduction de nouveaux concepts tels que les master pages/page layouts et de Windows Workflow Foundation, SharePoint Designer vous permettra de vous attaquer à la personnalisation du look & feel de vos sites SharePoint mais aussi à la création de Workflows. Alors cela ne peut être qu'une bonne nouvelle que l'équipe produit lance aujourd'hui son blog!! Je suis très impatiente de lire leurs futurs posts!
Pour plus d'infos sur SharePoint Designer 2007, visitez la page produit.

Do you know SharePoint Designer 2007 ? As you can see in its name, it is THE designing tool for SharePoint. Succeeding to FrontPage 2003, it has become today more powerful and even more integrated to SharePoint. With the introduction of new concepts like master pages/page layouts and Windows Workflow Foundation, SharePoint Designer will help you customizing the look & feel of your SharePoint sites but also to build your own Workflows. So it is a great news to read that the product team is annoucing today the launch of its blog!! I'm really looking forward to reading their future posts!
More info on SharePoint Designer 2007 can be found on the product page

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  1. I downloaded Sharepoint Designer 2007 from the MSDN Subscriber download site, and then the Product Key, but the Key does not work with the image.

    The nice people at the Subscription Fulfillment Centre tell me, yes, there is a known issue here, but I can find this nowhere else. How can I get this fixed?


  2. MSDN Archive says:

    Thank you for existing!!! I hope you can help… I not why, but the flyout menus for my quicklaunch bar have stopped working. Very bad news for me.

    Where do I  look!?

    What shall I do to fix it!?



  3. nay says:

    @corndog: how has it stopped working exactly? you cannot see any flyout menu? or they are not deplaying correctely? it can come from your css styles or from the masterpage where you define the parameters for your quicklaunch ("static or dynamic displaylevels").

    You must also show your subpages to let them appear as flyout menus in your quicklaunch.

    Hope it helps!

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