Converting company names for NAV Web Services

A few weeks ago I saw an up tick in the number of cases having problems accessing exposed web service. Some of the problem has been because the “CRONUS USA, Inc.” company name converts to an unfamiliar “CROUNS_USA_x002C__Inc”. This will be changing in NAV 2009 SP1, but until that time it would be helpful to…

Customizing style sheets for MS Excel

As of version 5.0, Dynamics NAV introduced the option to export forms to MS Office (Word or Excel). Data presented on the form are exported in an xml, formatted using style sheets then sent to Word/Excel/Other programs A Style Sheet tool for Dynamics NAV has later been released to help partners create custom style sheets for…


Sample of how to read a simple XML document using MSXML DOM in NAV

This is a follow-up to the post “how to write a simple XML document”. The other post conitains a few more background details which I won’t repeat here. So even if you only want to read XML Documents, then you may want to have a look there anyway.   But let’s get straight to the point….