Swiss LSV Collection Authentication Report

The Lastschrift Verfahren (LSV)—or direct debit—electronic payment method now includes IBAN. As a result, the debit authorization document has changed. Swiss versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 both contain a report, 3010836 LSV Collection Authorization, that handles this, but the report does not include the new IBAN number…


Style Sheet Tool Extended

For those that have not used this before, the Style Sheet Tool is a free code sample used as an addition to standard Dynamics NAV application, for enhancing send-to Word functionality on Dynamics NAV by allowing simple and user-friendly style sheet customization. After lots of feedback form partners, I have added an extra dimension to this…


Export of Pictures using Send-To MS Word/Excel functionality

With release of update 2 for NAV 5.0 SP1, the client now supports exporting picture box using style sheets (send-to Word/Excel) functionality. Both Client and style sheets have been modified to align with this change. If you don’t normally have picture fields on the form you’re exporting, you would add the field through codeunit 403, where additional data…


How would I use RIM and Style Sheet Tool to handle change of Tax Number (OiB) in Croatia (Part 1 of 3)

Here’s the problem… Tax number for all companies is being changed in Croatia. This means a lot of hassle collecting new tax numbers from your customers, vendors and contact to ensure seamless opereation when it becomes mandatory to use. Specially, tax reporting for December needs to be done using old tax number and you need…


Style Sheet Tool 2.0 now available

A new version of the Style Sheet Tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now available. This will also support Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and our upcoming SP1 release. Please find it here: CustomerSource: PartnerSource: Thanks to Robert Miller for making this happen /Claus


Dynamics NAV, customizing style sheets for export to MS Excel

A while a go we posted a blog decribing how to make some basic customizations to style sheets used for export to Excel. This is an update to that blog. You can download updated sample objects from the link below In addition to changes described there (customizing font styles, conditional formatting and adding totals), this will…


Customizing style sheets for MS Excel

As of version 5.0, Dynamics NAV introduced the option to export forms to MS Office (Word or Excel). Data presented on the form are exported in an xml, formatted using style sheets then sent to Word/Excel/Other programs A Style Sheet tool for Dynamics NAV has later been released to help partners create custom style sheets for…


Dynamics NAV 2009 and MS Office Integration, send-to Excel and Word

This blog describes changes in office integration feature, send-to Excel and Word, when using RTC client in NAV 2009.  Send-to menu option on RTC client is typically located in menu, under Actions – Send to option. Shortcuts for this functionality is added, but unlike version 5.0, only send -to Word and Excel options are available. To export any…