Problem in Cumulative Update 19 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2

Because of an inconvenient change of data schema in the application, the application bits are excluded from Cumulative Update 19 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2. A new release of CU 19 without application bits was released today, May 28. For more information, see Cumulative Update 19 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 has been released.  … Read more

Understanding Error Code 85132273 in Connection with GETLASTERRORCODE Statements

We recently received a few interesting requests about an error code appearing under particular circumstances: 85132273. This error might typically arise with the Windows Client but also with Web Services and NAS Services as well. Digging under the hood, this error message is related to a Primary Key violation in SQL Server tables. In most… Read more

How to get English text for a system error based on a foreign language screenshot in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Working in support services, we are often presented with screenshots of system errors (the error that based on ‘core’ issue. The text for this error not related to text constants from codeunits, reports and etc.) that are in a language we don’t understand. For example, I might see a screenshot that is in German, or… Read more

Introducing…. Metadata version in NAV 2009 SP1/R2 hotfixes

As a follow up to my previous post, we are happy to announce that, from build 32942, the hotfix releases will detect if objects need to be recompiled and prompt you to recompile accordingly. This will happen when importing incompatible fobs files or when applying new platform hotfixes. If you try to import fob files… Read more

Objects need recompilation after applying certain hotfixes

If you have recently applied a new hotfix and start running the RTC right away, your RTC client might eventually get disconnected, and a new log on the service tier host machine can appear stating that a new Exception of type “System.ArgumentNullException” has been raised. This can usually happens if you were trying to run… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics KB Articles Now Publicly Available Online

Hi everyone! Have you used a Knowledge Base (KB) article to help you answer a question? Check out this list of the KB articles that are most viewed for Microsoft Dynamics NAV: 978857 Incorrect VAT entries are generated when you post a credit memo to apply an invoice that contains unrealized VAT in Microsoft Dynamics NAV… Read more

Every time when adding/deleting a user the NAV service shuts down

Recently I run into a problem where NAV service did shut down every time I did add or delete a user. The event log explain the problem like bellow. So it obvious that we of some reason can’t connect to the database.Type: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlExceptionClass: 14LineNumber: 1Number: 916State: 1Source: .Net SqlClient Data ProviderErrorCode: -2146232060Message: The server principal… Read more

Error affecting Sales and Purchase Invoices containing Item Tracking lines

This article handles another common issue, seen when handling documents containing Item Tracking lines in NAV 2009. In this instance, the problem affects Sales and Purchase Invoices and occurs when splitting the relevant shipment or receipt lines and then posting the invoice. Both solutions should be applied where appropriate, as the issues affect similar aspects… Read more

Error when posting documents featuring Item Tracking lines

In NAV 2009, there have been issues posting some documents containing Item Tracked lines. This entry brings together 3 KB articles which address these issues, with the intention that a system could be patched with all the relevant fixes at the same time. When encountering the following generic error, users can refer to the articles… Read more

Microsoft Office Click-to-Run and NAV

Microsoft Office has a very interesting feature called Click-to-Run. It is a new software delivery mechanism. Office Click-to-Run is optimized for home users on broadband connections. Programs delivered via Click-to-Run execute in a virtual application environment on your computer. This means that the programs have private copies of their files and settings, and that any… Read more