Design Pattern: Argument Table

The Argument Table pattern is used to provide an extension point for adding new arguments to a function without changing the signature. By grouping multiple arguments in a table, the code becomes more readable (the signature and the usage of the function). For the full description of this pattern, see the NAV Design Patterns wiki page…. Read more

Integration Events in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 introduces a new type of integration point: events. Events are a C/AL feature in which an object maintains a list of its subscribers, and notifies them automatically of any state changes. This is done by calling on a subscriber method. Subscriber methods don’t need to be in the same object and this… Read more

Application Design Pattern: Report Selection

From the PRS workshop at NAVTechDays 2014, this pattern was written by 2 work groups: Group 1: Dale Gauci & Kimberly Congleton Group 2: Jens Winberg, Tim Grant, Alen Tot Thanks to Tim Grant for merging the two patterns, correct, send for review, and finalizing them! Meet the Pattern It should be possible to change… Read more

NAV Design Pattern: Using C/AL Query Objects to Detect Duplicates

This pattern uses queries to create an efficient way to detect duplicate entries in a table. This is, for example, useful when trying to find out which customers or contacts have the same names, so we can merge them later. Description Duplicate detection has several requirements in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. One method to eliminate duplication… Read more

New Application Design Patterns: Totals and Discounts on Subpages

To increase discoverability and productivity, critical information, such as statistics, can be moved from separate pages onto the document where it is needed. For example, documents should clearly display totals and discounts information to provide quick overview, make it easy to relate the amounts to the document currency, and to allow the user to see… Read more

Culture Settings on NAV Web Services

We live in a world of global interaction, and this is reflected in the software that we use at work and at home. As expected this culture differences brings also more complexity and one more extra care for our development side. For instance, a Germany company that is now expanding its business to USA do… Read more

The Multi-File Download Cookbook

Today’s pattern is not a pattern but a “cookbook” that shows how to use the FileManagement library to download multiple files as a .zip file through Microsoft Dynamics NAV in a way that works on all types of clients. Abstract The goal of this pattern is to enable the users to download multiple files as… Read more

Coffee Break | More piping with Dynamics NAV

 Did you see our first coffee break about piping at Windows PowerShell and Piping? Let’s dig a bit further. Coffee Break 6 – Return to piping This time we will use more piping and other ways to look at a PowerShell object and format it in different ways. For the example here we will use Get-NAVServerInstance… Read more

Coffee Break – Search in a Dynamics NAV object file using Windows PowerShell

This coffee break post illustrates how to search a text file for specific words or a phrase. You can do this with Windows PowerShell in any text files, but let’s use some Dynamics NAV objects exported as text. Technically speaking we are reading a text file then piping it line for line through a search… Read more

.NET Exception Handling in C/AL

This pattern is brought to you by Mostafa Balat from the Dynamics NAV team here at MDCC in Denmark. Best regards, The NAV Patterns team Meet the Pattern When there is a need to use .NET classes within C/AL, one of the main challenges is to handle the exceptions the methods of these .NET classes may… Read more