Coffee Break Troubleshooting Part IV: Windows Error Reporting and Collecting Crash Dumps

For troubleshooting issues with Microsoft products in general, you can use Windows Error Reporting to report computer problems to Microsoft. Microsoft uses the problem reports to try to match descriptions of each problem to a solution. This feature is enabled by default, and generates detailed reports about the problem. To troubleshoot application instability issues, we… Read more

Coffee Break 16 – Using Windows PowerShell to Mark and Compare

This time we will take a fingerprint of a specific situation, and then use Diff to compare in order to see if the situation has changed over time or compared to a reference machine. Coffee Break – Fingerprints and Diff-Checks Sometimes you want to compare the current situation against a reference to see if the… Read more

Using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Web Client without Internet Access

As you know, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Web client is a website that you deploy and which your users can access from any browser. But in some businesses, users do not have Internet access, but they still want to be able to access Dynamics NAV from a browser. So how can you configure the… Read more

What to do when you cannot access a download?

This month’s Cumulative Updates were made available for download this week. Some of you have experienced problems downloading the files, which causes understandable confusion and frustration. The problems can be caused by a number of different issues, including but not limited to server-side issues. The team that runs the download server is in process of… Read more

Coffee Break – Monitoring and Troubleshooting Services Part 2

In this post, we thought we might look into how to use Windows PowerShell to work with XML data. As a user scenario, we are continuing here on our previous post, to look further into server troubleshooting possibilities. You might experience an error, warning, behavior that you want to analyze, but have no clear repro… Read more

Coffee Break – Monitoring and troubleshooting NAV Services

Windows PowerShell is very well suited for monitoring services because tasks can be repeated and they can run remotely. In this post we will look at how to check the Application Log via Windows PowerShell, locally as well as remotely, to look for errors or for certain words in the log. The customer story this… Read more

SQL Server Worker Threads and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been configured to use the Microsoft SQL Server database engine as efficiently as possible. This includes using SQL queries which are appropriate for parallel query execution to speed up the retrieval of data when the SQL Server is configured to allow this. Parallelism in SQL Server can be controlled using the… Read more

Coffee Break – keeping stuff in the cloud

In the last few Coffee Break posts we have been looking at virtual hard disks (VHDs) and virtual machines (VMs). Now let’s combine the two in the cloud. Coffee Break 11 – Provisioning – Using Microsoft Azure storage to keep VHDs and other useful stuff in the cloud Provisioning a new instance of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is like… Read more

Watch Out for Zombies When Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV with “xact abort” Enabled

If you have turned on the xact abort connection setting option for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV SQL Server instance, then you should watch out for Zombies. With this option turned on, users of your solution risk seeing an error stating This SqlTransaction has completed; it is no longer usable along with a crash signature which includes a… Read more

Coffee Break – Windows PowerShell and creating a Hyper-V disk

After covering some basic management operations for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we thought it might be the time to look under the hood of the Dynamics NAV cloud provisioning script. The script in its entirety is fairly large and complex. But stripped away from all the wrappings and bundling, it can be broken down to small,… Read more