NAV 2009 – Where is the zup file?

In previous versions, all local client settings are stored in the .zup file. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, this is a bit more complex. This post tries to describe which settings are stored where. In addition to that, with NAV 2009 you may be spending a lot of time looking for files with long folder-names….


Session Monitor for SQL Server 2005

Session Monitor is not a new tool, but it did stop working with SQL Server 2005. So I think that a lot of people stopped using it, which is a shame. The things that were broken now work again, and I would recommend anyone with any kind of blocking problems to implement this tool. With…


NAV 2009 – New one-stop Launch Portal on PartnerSource

One stop Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 launch portal for partners can be found at this link on PartnerSource (login required): Launch Portal for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Follow the portal for: Key Announcements What’s New Readiness and Training Sales and Marketing Materials Events Coming Soon   Lars Lohndorf-Larsen Microsoft Dynamics UK


NAV 2009 – How to generate charts / KPIs

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 has a new graphical object type called Charts or KPIs (Key Performance indicators). It is a way to create simple graphical charts, to give a visual overview of key figures. This post describes what you can and cannot do with charts, and it contains some sample code to how you might…


NAV 2009 – Sample C# project to consume a NAV web service

This post is a step-by-step guide, how to make a very simple C# project (3 lines of code) to integrate to NAV 2009 via a web service. == Blog updated on 21/01 2009: Line added in the sample code below, to avoid error “Path property must be set before calling the Send method” when making an…


NAV 2009 – How to publish a web service

This posts only describes how you can publish a web service in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (which is easy enough), and how you can see what you published. It does not describe how you can actually use this web service. Future posts will describe this. Please note that the features described here are only available in…


How to deploy multiple NAS’es in ADCS

Although this is not related to the ‘core C/Side’, I would discuss about configuring ADCS with multiple NASes. The first question would by why somebody would like to do this? The answer is very simple. On a single VT100 NAS installation, whenever a handheld user is performing a time-consuming task, any other handheld user will…


Overview of platform updates for NAV 5

For a table of platform updates and hotfix history for NAV version 5 with build numbers, update numbers and file contents, follow this link: Overview of platform updates for NAV 5 This previous post contains the same information for NAV 4 SP3: Overview of platform updates for NAV 4 SP3   Lars Lohndorf-Larsen (Lohndorf)Microsoft Dynamics UKMicrosoft Customer…


E-mail notification to hotfixes and updates

I am often asked how to keep track of product updates. Now, there is a new feature available on PartnerSource where you can subsribe to RSS feeds. This will give you an email notification every time a new NAV hotfix is released. A hotfix can be either a specific hotfix to a specific problem, or it…


NAV 2009 – Simple way to view a page

This is probably the tip which has saved me the most amount of time recently. When you just want to run a page in the new client, then you don’t have to modify other pages to include it, or to make links to this page. Just click Start -> Run, and run this: DynamicsNAV:////runpage?page=90055 In…