How to detect locking order for a NAV process

The nature of a deadlock is that two processes lock resources in different orders. Deadlocks can in theory be eliminated by ensuring that all processes always lock resources in the same order. This document describes how to determine the locking order of a process in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Note, that I mention locking of “resources”….


Addressing Known Issues with Jobs in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

In an effort to continue to provide our customers and partners with a stronger set of tools for their businesses, the Jobs area of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 was redesigned and many new features were added to the module.  Some really exciting functionality to help with productivity and flexibility such as an entire new budget…


Bio – Selena Laccinole Jensen

Selena is an application program manager in financial management on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV core development team.  She has been with Microsoft since 2006 and is currently responsible for the Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) area of the application. Before working for Microsoft, she worked as a tax advisor for the American Internal Revenue Service and…


Record-level locking in the SQL Server option for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

If you are designing a system for high throughput and want to minimize blocking, it’s important to know in advance exactly what kind of locking behaviour to expect. On SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics NAV uses record-level locking, as opposed to table-level locking on the native database server. In reality, SQL Server can lock a little…


How to Re-apply a Language Pack when deploying the Outlook Integration Update for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

The language module file helps you to save the existing text messages and captions, and propagate them to the Outlook Integration Update objects.How to apply the language module file to the C/AL objects provided with the Outlook Integration Update: Before you import the objects you received with the Outlook Synchronization Update package, open your localized…


Bio – Stuart Glasson

Stuart Glasson is a Program Manager working on the Server and Tools team for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  His first NAV project was Navision 2.01 and has worked as a developer on C/SIDE including developing for SQL Server, developing integrations for BizTalk Server and SharePoint.  He started in Program Management 5 years ago and says he’s…


Simon Goes to Work: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV "6.0"

The whitepaper Whats New Developing Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV “6.0” was released late last year and gives an overview of some of the new features and how to access those new features specific to NAV 6.0. The paper has been under development for nearly as long as the NAV 6.0 project itself.   At the…


Outlook Integration update for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

I am pleased to announce Outlook Integration Update for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0. This update is now available for you to download at PartnerSource  login credentials are required. The Outlook Integration update rollup corrects the issues that are described in KB article number 945879. Apply the Outlook Integration update, following recommendations in the Installation &…


Correcting Acquisition Cost Errors in Dynamics NAV

One of the top customer questions we receive in the Fixed Assets area is about correcting Acquisition Cost Errors. For example, an acquisition cost has by mistake been posted the 1st of May 2002 instead of the 1st of May 2001. The mistake is corrected by removing the entry with the function Cancel Entries and then…


Convergence 2008 – More NAV Sessions Than Ever!

Convergence 2008 is on the horizon – March 11-14 in Orlando, Florida. The preliminary agenda only showed a few Dynamics NAV sessions, but has recently been updated revealing the full glory of NAV-iness at the Conference.  This year’s Convergence will have more sessions than ever before: currently 3 partner sessions, 1 customer general session, 28…