Dynamics NAV 5.0 and Style Sheet issues, issue with ‘/’ character in customer(vendor) name

When running forms like Customer (Vendor) Ledger Entries and Apply Customer(Vendor) Ledger Entries, and selecting: send-to Excel, the following error occurs  if customer (vendor) name contains character ‘/’: Problems came up in the following areas during load: Workbook setting …. To correct this issue, open the style sheet file in notepad, default file is NavisionFormToExcel, placed…


New way to initialise C/Front with VB in Sp1 (undocumented change)

In C/Front for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Version 5 SP1, it is no longer possible to initialise it in the usual way from Visual Basic. Often you would initialise C/Front like this: Dim CFR As Microsoft.Navision.CFront.CFrontDotNet CFR = New Microsoft.Navision.CFront.CFrontDotNet   But with SP1, this syntax will give you the following error in Visual Studio: Error 1 ‘Microsoft.Navision.CFront.CFrontDotNet.Private…


Passion, Courage, and Enthusiasm … and Donald Duck

It’s been a busy couple of months since I last posted a blog, and I have learned a ton.  Back then my stated near-term goal was to learn about the team, the product, partners and customers.  During that time, I’ve had a lot of the feedback I asked for – feedback about what you love,…


Index View Matching & Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1

In a recent question we were asked whether it was required to use Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise or Developer Edition to gain better performance, from the changes we have done in Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1, and the answer is “NO”. I will in this blog post try to explain…


Comcom and the Bus adapter

This post is the second part of the post NAS Tutorial which is based on KB article 861762, previously published on PartnerSource. This post is an updated version, and available to a wider audience (no PartnerSource login required).  This post describes how to use NAV Communication Component (Comcom) and NAV Bus adapter. Comcom is designed to enhance communication between…


NAS Tutorial

This post is based on KB article 861762 which was previously published on PartnerSource. This post is an updated version, and available to a wider audience (no PartnerSource login required). It describes the basics of what Navision Application Server (NAS) does, and an example of how to build a NAS application in less than 30 minutes….


Changes to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 with Microsoft SQL Server

I just want to point you to the whitepaper describing the changes done for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 SQL Option: With the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1, major changes have been made to Microsoft Dynamics NAV™ with Microsoft SQL Server. This document outlines these changes and shows how these changes can…


Modern NAV/SQL troubleshooting

This post is the first in a planned series to describe various “modern” methods for troubleshooting performance problems with Microsoft Dynamics NAV on SQL Server. The idea is also to make the best out of information that already exists, either in other places on this blog or anywhere else. Modern Troubleshooting:The idea about “Modern Troubleshooting”…


E-mail logging when using Outlook 2007

When time passes by and people started to update their Office environments with the latest Office release, we immediately saw an increase of cases coming in that state that with Office 2007, E-mail logging refuse to log E-mails when using the Application Server while this worked in earlier releases of Office. This seems to relate…


Synchronizing Tasks to Dynamics NAV 5.0 with linked contacts

It has come to my attention that in Outlook 2007 by default Contacts are not linked to Tasks. Let’s assume you have a salesperson that goes onsite to a specific prospect and that he agrees to follow up. So he creates a Task in Outlook. In Outlook 2003, this was quite easy. You just went…