The asymmetric stream

Since NAV’s Stream introduction, there has been confusion about when to use READ and when to use READTEXT; when to use WRITE and when WRITEXT. As it is documented, InStream.READ  and OutStream.WRITE are meant to be in binary format, which means that Text strings will be ‘zero terminated’ when written, and a ‘zero terminated’ is…


Debugging in NAV 2009

UPDATE 25 August 2010! You cannot use the Express version of Visual Studio 2008 SP1 to debug Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. However, a useful and free visual debugger with slightly limited functionality – DbgClr.exe – can be downloaded as part of the .NET Framework 2.0 SDK: —  UPDATE 18 December 2009! The most up-to-date version of…


Action and Activity Button icons in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

Update!!! Please find an updated list of icons available here: Action Images:  Activity Button Images:: Regards,Claus ****** First, if you have not downloaded the just released Marketing Beta for Dynamics NAV 2009, this can be downloaded from here. Requires access to Partner Source. In the Marketing Beta for Dynamics NAV 2009 you will…


List of released updates for SQL Server 2005 SP2

The link below lists build numbers, KB numbers and links to cumulative updates updates 1 to 9 for SQL Server 2005:  List of build numbers and cumulative updates 1-9 for SQL Server 2005    Also see this post for relevance of SQL Updates to Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Overview of updates for SQL Server 2005 SP2…


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Documentation Source Files Available to Partners

Earlier this year, Michelle, my colleague on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV documentation team, wrote a blog post about improvements that we have made to the content for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. In addition to improving the product documentation, we are also working to improve how partners can customize and extend the Help. In April, we…


New Drop Down window in Microsoft NAV 2009 using Fields Groups

I have now been asked many times how the new Drop Down window in Microsoft NAV 2009 is defined, so let me give you an example on how this works. In this screen dump, I have just clicked the Drop Down arrow on the field ”Bill-to Customer No”, on the Customer Card, and our new…


NAV 2009 – Where is the zup file?

In previous versions, all local client settings are stored in the .zup file. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, this is a bit more complex. This post tries to describe which settings are stored where. In addition to that, with NAV 2009 you may be spending a lot of time looking for files with long folder-names….


Session Monitor for SQL Server 2005

Session Monitor is not a new tool, but it did stop working with SQL Server 2005. So I think that a lot of people stopped using it, which is a shame. The things that were broken now work again, and I would recommend anyone with any kind of blocking problems to implement this tool. With…


NAV 2009 – New one-stop Launch Portal on PartnerSource

One stop Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 launch portal for partners can be found at this link on PartnerSource (login required): Launch Portal for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Follow the portal for: Key Announcements What’s New Readiness and Training Sales and Marketing Materials Events Coming Soon   Lars Lohndorf-Larsen Microsoft Dynamics UK