Dynamics NAV 2009 and MS Office Integration, send-to Excel and Word

This blog describes changes in office integration feature, send-to Excel and Word, when using RTC client in NAV 2009.  Send-to menu option on RTC client is typically located in menu, under Actions – Send to option. Shortcuts for this functionality is added, but unlike version 5.0, only send -to Word and Excel options are available. To export any… Read more

Start Your Search Engine: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Developer and IT Pro Help Is On MSDN

The big news today is that we’ve released the updated developer and ITPro docs to the Web to make it easier for you to search and find information. You can find the updated docs in the MSDN Library. This update builds on the content that shipped with NAV 2009 and includes new or revised developer,… Read more

Bio – Stefan Omdahl

Stefan Omdahl is a developer in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product group.  He has been working on the Automation implementation for the Dynamics NAV 2009 release, and has been with Microsoft for about five years, on Microsoft Business Framework, Project Fenway, Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV. The rest of his career has been in IT… Read more

Automation Objects in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

Overview The Automation object is often used to integrate NAV business logic with external processes and thereby extend the functionality of the product, such as integration with other products like Office. Automation objects must expose a COM interface, and every time we cross a process boundary is worth thinking about performance, but issues that involve… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Ships!

A week ago, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV team celebrated the launch of version 2009, a product that involved over three years of work.  We had a party on the MDCC campus (which subsequently ended up in an Irish bar somewhere in Copenhagen) and spent some time talking about our accomplishments.  The energy in the room… Read more

Using variables and C/AL code in a report in NAV 2009

This previous blog “NAV 2009 – The structure of reports in VS report designer” describes how to get data from your data items into the layout of a report in Visual Studio (VS) report designer. This time we look at how to control the iterations of a report with code, and showing variables rather than fields… Read more

Dynamics NAV and export to Excel: Export dates as true excel dates

When running Send-to Excel functionality and exporting data to MS Excel using style sheets, all data exported form NAV is formatted as either numbers or strings. That also includes dates, that are exported as strings and not formatted as true dates in excel. As of update 1 for NAV 5.0 SP1, data.xml generated when running export to excel… Read more

NAV 2009 – Report Designer – Introduction to the new environment

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has always had its own report designer. In NAV 2009 it still does, but in addition to this you can also use the Visual Studio (VS) report designer. NAV 2009 – both the classic and the new client – will still run reports designed in NAV’s report designer. So in way nothing… Read more

TAP Customers and Partners Deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

Most Microsoft product teams involve their top customers and partners the development process via Technology Adoption Programs (TAP).  These high touch engagements result in much better product quality and features as well as early (pre-RTM) deployments of new versions.  The Dynamics NAV 2009 TAP has succeeded with 10 live customers in Germany, Denmark, Canada and… Read more