Business Central developer docs are here!

We’re pleased to announce that the Business Central Developer documentation is available here:

This is where you will see all new updates to AL documentation going forward, so please remember to bookmark this page. With the availability of our Business Central cloud-based offering, we have moved our documentation to this new URL based on a new repo. Dynamics NAV and C/SIDE documentation continues to be available here:


Feedback and Contributions

With this new public repo, we have enabled the new feedback mechanism that distinguishes between product feedback and documentation feedback. The feedback is done on a per topic basis. If you have product feedback, you will be sent here. Documentation feedback will be registered as GitHub issues allowing us to track and respond to incoming bugs, suggestions, questions etc. All you must do to provide documentation feedback is to sign in with a GitHub account. Or, if you have ideas or would like to make a contribution you can go directly to our public repo here: and propose a change.


Let us know what you think! We’re continuously working on updating and improving the developer help for Business Central so stay tuned.


Best regards,

NAV UA Platform



Comments (4)

  1. Robert says:

    Hi team, just an update that the address listed above is incorrect, I believe it should be but I may be wrong, please correct the link above.

    1. navteam says:

      No, the repo is for the developer docs. The repo is for customizing, extending, or correcting the business functionality content.

    1. navteam says:

      Yes, sorry about that! The link has been updated.

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