Make your Dynamics NAV solution GDPR compliant

Microsoft is dedicated to helping our partners and customers meet the requirements of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that applies to all EU citizens and businesses. By May 2018, all supported versions of Dynamics NAV will be updated for GDPR compliance. We are also working on a whitepaper that will help you make your solution compliant.

The following links provide additional information and will be updated over time. Also, we expect to publish more information here on the blog in Q1 of 2018.

Microsoft Trust Center:

Microsoft GDPR Assessment:

Get GDPR compliant with the Microsoft Cloud:

Dynamics NAV Lifecycle:


Updated 9. March 2018 with link to announcement about availability of the Dynamics NAV whitepaper:

Comments (38)

  1. Chris chen says:

    is it EU? or all over the world

    1. Ralf Wirtz says:

      Hi Chris, it´s “EU”.

      1. Mikko Virta says:

        Actually it applies partially also outside of EU, because it’s about the personal data of EU citizens. So it doesn’t only involve companies within EU, but companies that handle personal data of EU citizens.

      2. David Singleton. says:

        @Ralf Wirtz, actually (as Mikko mentions) GDPR affects everyone that comes into contact with personal data of an EU citizen. So for example if you sell over the web and person in Germany buys something off your website, then you have their personal data (Name Address, IP address, Phone number etc) and all those pieces of information must be handled according to GDPR. Now of course you may say “They can’t get me” and you might be right, but check with your legal team before assuming that.

  2. Rasmus says:

    How are you ensuring the GDPR compliance?
    And what impact does it have for our current installations, is it a new CU?

    1. navteam says:

      The whitepaper that we referred to above is still in process, but essentially it is going to describe key tasks and capabilities in the product that will help you and your customers meet the GDPR requirements. We’ll post an update on the blog when the first version of the whitepaper is available.

      1. Petr Karasek says:

        Do you please have real time estimate when the white paper will be published? We are receiving a lot of questions from our customers.

        1. navteam says:

          We ran into a delay, but we expect to be able to share the whitepaper with you later this week.

          1. Have you managed to produce the whitepaper?

          2. Philipp says:

            Hello Navteam – do you have news about the NAV Whitepaper for us? thx

          3. Rasmus says:

            Do you have anything yet?

          4. navteam says:

            We’re really sorry, but yet another delay has occurred. The document will be available either end of this week or early next week (or so we expect). For your information, the delays are not caused by uncertainty on how to interpret GDPR – we’re working closely with our legal department and with other teams in both Europe and the US so that we can be sure that we’re giving you the right information for you to help your customers.

          5. Rasmus says:

            Hi navteam,

            Any news yet?

          6. Vangelis says:

            Is the whitepaper available yet? Will it be a document that can be shared with customers as well?

          7. navteam says:

            As Ivan Koletic wrote last week, the whitepaper is still in process. You will be able to share it with your customers when it’s available.

          8. Rafael says:

            Another promised timeframe has passed without further info… please update!

          9. Philipp says:

            Hi Navteam, please share with us the NEW Whitepaper! Thanks in advance

          10. Have you had any success with WhitePaper?

          11. Hi. Any update on the release date for the GDPR whitepaper?

  3. C Singleton says:

    Our company has built an affordable GDPR module for older versions of NAV:

    1. Johannes says:

      I didn’t find any price list on your site. How much is “affordable”? 😉
      Do you bill per installation or per partner?
      Will you support newer versions of NAV as well?

      1. Hi
        If you contact us on this email address, we will be happy to explain our prices and answer any other questions you may have:

    2. Why do you claim on your web site that only NAV 2018 will receive support for GDPR? NAV 2017, NAV 2016 and NAV 2015 will get this too, the updates for all versions have just been released.

  4. Philipp says:

    Hi NavTeam, do you have news about the Whitepaper for NAV & GDPR?

    Your Statement was: “we ran into a delay, but we expect to be able to share the whitepaper with you later this week.” -> End of the week is now *smile*

    Thanks in advance for providing the Information.

  5. Nicki Stewart says:

    Hi, can I add to the pleas for an update on the white paper? Link please 🙂

  6. ikoletic says:

    Hi all
    White paper is in last stage of review. We are pushing really hard to get this out as soon as possible. As always you’ll be the first to know as it will be immediately published on navteam blog and link to it will also be available here:

    1. Roque Agullo says:

      Hi do you have news about the Whitepaper for NAV & GDPR? Could you please give us any expected delivery date?

    2. Philipp says:

      Do you have NEWS for us??? Thank you in advance.

    3. Philipp says:

      Hello Navteam – do you have news about the NAV Whitepaper for us? thx

    4. Philipp says:

      Hello Navteam – 1 month later … do you have news about the NAV Whitepaper for us? thx

    5. Nicki Stewart says:

      Now it’s March, 80 days away from GDPR . . . any sign?!

  7. Do you have a new promised date for the white paper? We are getting a lot of questions that we hope the white paper will help us answer.

  8. Peter says:

    Any news concerning the release date of the whitepaper?

  9. David Singleton. says:

    Has the white paper been released yet?

  10. David Singleton. says:

    A message to @navteam.

    This blog is book marked and shared a lot in the Navision community. It would be good if you could edit the post and add in a link to the White paper that was released today.

    and the White Paper

    1. navteam says:

      Hi David,
      Yes, we’re sorry for the delay, and thanks for your suggestion! Also, our blog site marked some of your earlier comments as spam for some reason, which is why you couldn’t see them until today. We’ve unblocked those comments so you have them all visible again.

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