Dynamics 2018 is announced as generally available

Join us in celebrating the latest version of Dynamics NAV. We're proud to deliver this release, so read James Philips' announcement on the Dynamics blog.




Comments (5)

  1. guido robben says:

    Nice that we have a new version, but it is slow as hell. Compiling and importing fobs that include tables takes so long, the NAV servers stops because Queries take to long. Cant wait for the CU1!

  2. guido robben says:

    Also, still no NAV2018 on Connect. I hop this gets fixed sooner than last time. It took more than 6 months to add NAV2017.

  3. Clinton says:

    Any idea when the NAV 2018 Azure Virtual Machine image will be available in the gallery?

    1. FreddyDK says:

      http://aka.ms/getnav will spin up an Azure VM with NAV 2018 (on Docker) on it. It still doesn’t have all the features that navdemodeploy had, but that will come over time.
      We are not going to create Azure VMs of NAV 2018 it is a very time consuming task – instead we will use the templates as described above.

      1. Clinton says:

        Thanks Freddy…. I’m not all that familiar with using Docker…. but happy to explore it. I’m a little concerned about the fact that it doesn’t come with all the features of navdemodeploy as it is cool to be able to automate things like Office 365 integration and ClickOnce clients deployments. Also a little concerned with the statement “…but that will come in time” being a little opened ended with no commitment…. which is a little bit of a step back from where Microsoft was with NAV 2017…. hopefully this can be firmed up soon enough…

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