We’ve moved to Docs!

Have you noticed something strange today? Did you try to access the developer Help on MSDN and end up on a different site? Well, we're very happy to announce that the Dynamics NAV 2017 developer and IT-pro content is now live at Docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics-nav.

Why are we announcing that now a year after the launch? Because we're preparing to launch Dynamics NAV 2018, which will also publish to Docs.microsoft.com.

When we launched Dynamics NAV 2017 last year, some of you were not particularly fond of where the developer and IT-pro content landed. We had to leave the old MSDN Library stack, and the new Docs.microsoft.com site was not yet able to host us. So we landed on a temporary site under the MSDN brand with limited Search capabilities and other discoverability issues. We weren't happy with that site, either, and that's why we're now live on Docs.microsoft.com.

Some cool things about the site:

  • Use the Filter field on top of the table of contents to quickly find content based on topic titles
  • Note the DynamicsNAV filter in the Search field in the top right corner - this limits the Search to only look at the Dynamics NAV content
  • Use the list of headings in each topic that shows up in the right panel under In this article
  • Log in and give us feedback on an article
  • Download a PDF file with all of the content (warning: it's a pretty large file)
  • Switch to a black theme by toggling the button in the right panel
  • Easily share links through social media or email
  • Use the header to quickly navigate to other Dynamics 365 docs, or to other Microsoft sites

The Docs.microsoft.com site is the home for docs for all Microsoft products and services, and it is replacing the MSDN Library that the Dynamics NAV docs have published to for many years. You can read about why we are leaving the MSDN Library in Jeff Sandquist's blog post.

Our siblings in Dynamics 365 are also moving to Docs.microsoft.com, and you can find all of us on the Dynamics 365 landing page there. All Dynamics 365 docs use the same blue header for easy navigation to Dynamics 365 sites.

Oh, and while we have your attention: Dynamics NAV 2018 docs will publish to the same location, and you'll be able to switch between versions. More to come on that subject.


Best regards,

The Dynamics NAV content experience team

Comments (5)

  1. Maarten Gerritsen says:

    ehm, is this documentation about NAV2017? The screenshots are from a previous version….

    1. navteam says:

      Well, yes, it is indeed for NAV 2017, but you’re right that we haven’t updated those screenshots in a long while. Our apologies for the confusion!

  2. bruno beche says:

    Can we set up another calendar date apart from the posting date, on a transaction line while using the deferal code.

    An invoice is generated today and is posted instead in the balance sheet. using the deferal code on the transaction line is only linked to the posting date. Example, is sale will take place in Jan to Dec 2018, but invoice is raised today. deferal code 12 will split and recognise the sale over 12 months, but need it start in Jan 2018 instead by now.

  3. Trying to create a pull request, your github repository has several branches with master being empty, what is your branch policy, what branch to create PRs against?

    1. navteam says:

      Hej Erik,
      First if all: THANK YOU for finding our GitHub repo and wanting to collaborate with us on the content!

      I’ll be happy to help, but which repo are you trying to submit to? I have to ask because we have several, and policy depends on the repo. If you’re looking at a repo such as nav-content.da-dk, then we don’t accept pull requests to it because it’s what we call a localization repo. We use it to handle translations into Danish (our translation team are also using Open Source).
      Instead, you can fork the source repo, https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/nav-content, and submit pull requests to the master branch.

      I hope this helps, otherwise let us know!
      Best regards,
      Eva from the Dynamics SMB content team

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