Dynamics NAV 2013 and Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 end of mainstream support

Dynamics NAV 2013 and Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 are reaching the end of mainstream support on January 9, 2018. Microsoft recommends customers using this version to upgrade to a newer version of Dynamics NAV in order to ensure supportability.

Customers who are currently on a service plan can continue to access the following benefits through CustomerSource:

  • Previously released Upgrades, Updates, Service Packs, Fixes and Regulatory/Tax Updates
  • Self-Help Support through Knowledge Base articles and online content
  • Unlimited Online Training

Have questions about supported products? Visit Microsoft Support Lifecycle to view a list of supported products and related policies. For lifecycle information for Dynamics NAV in particular, see Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support Lifecycle Information.

Comments (4)

  1. Theodore Gemmer says:

    What if a customer does not upgrade? What is the negative impact to customer if they do not upgrade? Some customers may not want to upgrade unless their is some negative impact (actually some customers do not want to upgrade because they have not been paying their enhancement plan).

  2. Pallea says:

    @Theodore Gemmer – In short take a look at https://www.microsoft.com/dynamics/upgrade-compare/nav/default.html it will explain about the differencies between NAV 2013 and the other releases.

    Generally I would say: No new fixes of bugs, no new functionality (and there are a LOT of new things coming up). In longer runs: Product will not be able to run on newer OS’es, Servers and SQLs..

    IF you are a customer, Contact your Dynamics NAV reseller, if you are Microsoft Reseller – ask a more experienced collegue.

  3. Smita says:

    In India NAV 2013 and NAV 2013 R2 and NAV 2016 were released, how can the mainstream support end when NAV 2015 and NAV 2017 were not released on India ?
    Localisation was not released at all. The customer will be very happy about this news.

    1. navteam says:

      Hi Smita,
      Globally, Dynamics NAV 2013 and Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 will end mainstream support in January, 2018. Microsoft delivered Dynamics NAV 2016 in India, which is in mainstream support until 2020. We suggest that you contact your designated Microsoft contact if you want to know more.

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