Why Switch to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Web Client?

Did you know that with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 we’ve begun the journey of transforming the Web client into a first-class interface for desktop users?

The Web client now suits the needs of the majority of users with over 60 enhancements to simplicity, productivity, and performance. Being mindful of the Web client’s roots as a lightweight, browser-based interface for occasional use, the changes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 represent a major step forward in usability and in the possibility of doing more in your browser.

Productivity and Navigation

  • Cross-column search is available for all lists.
  • Freeze Pane is shown so that your key columns remain in view as you scroll horizontally.
  • Date Picker is now available on fields in lists.
  • Show or Hide Columns on all lists as part of your personalization settings.
  • Checkboxes will only show when you select more rows.
  • Select All now possible in lists.
  • Continuous scrolling gives a smooth scrolling experience.
  • Multi-selection allows any rows to be selected.
  • Load as you scroll, optimized to give a better experience for long lists.
  • Lists are adaptive and make better use of the available space.
  • FastTabs start as collapsed and can be expanded, showing any promoted fields, and remembers the last choice.
  • Closing a page is simplified by just clicking the cross in the corner.
  • Cards and documents are making better use of available space and the page caption is always visible.
  • Nothing happens if you accidentally click around the field caption; only directly clicking on field caption brings up Help.
  • Lookups are shown inline with the field that you are editing and they will search across columns as you type.
  • You can collapse and expand the Navigation Pane to get more working space.
  • The flow of Role Center parts is improved; when resizing the sequence of cues and tiles is kept and using the space is optimized.
  • Cues are no longer automatically added to the Navigation Pane, which gives you fewer Navigation Pane actions.

Office Familiarity

  • My Settings allows the user to change company, language, region, time zone, and work date.
  • The ribbon is collapsed at the start, and the state is remembered.
  • The Home button gives a quick access to the Role Center.
  • The Navigation Pane stays when scrolling the content area.
  • Activity buttons in the Navigation Pane have new icons and inline tooltips.
  • Links to Help, Privacy, Legal, and Feedback are easily accessible.
  • Shortcuts to all components are now prefixed with Dynamics NAV.

Improved Performance

  • With its new fast and fluid interface, users benefit from improved performance when navigating pages and significantly shorter start-up time when launching the client.

So, as you can probably tell, we've been giving the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Web client a lot of attention and we hope that you will like what you see.

You can also check out the two videos on the Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal (requires login):

How Do I: Take Advantage of the Web Client Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

How Do I: Increase My Productivity by Using the New Web Client Features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

That’s all for now. We strongly encourage you to try out the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 NAV Web client!

Comments (13)

  1. Claus Rasmussen says:

    I still believe that it is a must have that user personalization can be done via the web client before our customers would want to change to it. We have now for years been preaching the benefits of making saved views, adding/remove fields etc to our customers. They will feel it is a step back if it cannot be done in the web client.

  2. Kris says:

    Please add “quick entry” and by that also the possibility to use “enter” in order grids. Then it will be more useful for field workers and it will also be possible to use barcode scanners on tablets.

  3. S. says:

    While the Web Client is certainly getting better and better, every time I show it to a customer, the first question I get is “Where is the Departments menu?” (and yes, I know it’s supposed to be obsolete), and the second question I get is “How do I resize a column?”.

    And it’s a shame, because I do think that it is slowly becoming as good as the Windows Client, but it still has a few basic missing features that cause users to dismiss it. I can only hope that both are solved in 2017! (being able to *quickly* switch the profile/home menu would probably answer the first question, without going back to Departments, btw).

  4. Rafael Rezende says:

    I think it would be very useful if we could setup individual pages to Show the Ribbon by default.

    1. mikebc_MSFT says:

      Thanks Rafael for pointing this out. A number of partners have commented that (especially) novice users will sometimes fail to find the Ribbon if it always starts out collapsed. That doesn’t make us feel comfortable with our design as we want Dynamics NAV to be simple and intuitive for users of any proficiency level.

      In Dynamics NAV 2016 CU 07 we will optimize this by relaxing the rules around when that Ribbon starts out collapsed. For example, opening any page which has promoted actions will show the ribbon as expanded. Users can still manually expand or collapse their ribbon, and we will remember their preference for that page.

      Try it out and get back to us if you feel there are more scenarios we should optimize.

      best regards,
      Mike Borg Cardona and the Dynamics NAV team.

      1. Rafael Rezende says:


        That’s great, we are really only worried about the Home actions, so it would work fine for us!

  5. Sorry but for the moment WebClient is not enough for user productivity and personalization.
    For my point of view ClickOnce is really better at this time.

  6. Dynamics nav says:

    The only problem is if you are using some .net vars in your c/al code… You only can use them in the web client if you include the .net into nav add ins, and that is a big problem when you use third party .net components…

  7. D. Mitrov says:

    I wonder how you wanna sell the webclient to users who are used to / need to work with local files and directories. Having the files downloaded in the downloads-folder of the browser is not really a good solution. Even in year 2016 you still need to create sometimes files in some predefined folders where the service-tier does not have access.

  8. Pallea says:

    Well, The MAJORITY of users don’t uses Files and Directories so the webclient will suit them quite fine. It IS really a matter of doing the right presentation of the webclient.

    I am doing some support on one of the larger installations and more than half the users would choose the webclient over then windows client any day. The NAV 2016 webclient is awesome, easy to use, slick and fast.

    1. D. Mitrov says:

      for *most* users the webclient could be enough.. I agree.
      But there are still a lot uf users around who need access to local resources (files, folders, processes, etc.) where the RTC is the only option at the moment.

  9. Does anyone know if the interaction process (Sales and Marketing Modul) will work in the webclient (and tablet client) with the next update?

  10. John Sauber says:

    We love the vertical gridlines that are present in the “lines” section of pages in NAV 2017 on the web. Is there any chance of getting those gridlines in the desktop client as well? The presence of those gridlines actually harkens back to older versions of NAV, and in this case, we think the web client is actually ahead of the desktop version!

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