Design Pattern: Create Data from Templates

For many records, such as Items, Customers, and Vendors, users have to enter the same sets of data again and again. This is tedious, error-prone (users forget to enter a field or they choose the wrong group), and difficult to learn for some users.

We can group sets of data as templates to speed up and simplify the process of entering data in Dynamics NAV. For example, the process of creating a new customer could be simplified so that users only have to enter information that is specific for every individual customer, e.g. Name and Address/Contact.

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by Nikola Kukrika at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen

Comments (2)

  1. Raokman says:

    Another nice-to-have feature that we have to pay an hourly rate to get; mere users can’t just move field-objects around to suit themselves in template mode.
    Probably can’t re-order the fields in the templates? They probably need to appear in the order presented as indexed in the Master file. Was just thinking how out-of-order the ribbon selections were, how out of sync with their related choices; nevermind the order of the choices and the fields in the body of the screen.

    1. Nikola Kukrika says:

      Thanks for feedback.

      Users can move the fields on the page (personalization) however there is no capability of changing the validation order or adding a new field to the template.
      Changing the validation order is not possible since they are connected to business logic.
      Adding new fields it is, so depending on the number of requests depends if we will do it as part of the work

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