Approval Types in Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 introduces new approval types. These approval types provide flexibility for different scenarios and enable you to choose different types of approvals for different workflows.

Out of the box, the following approval types are supported:

Type Description
Approver Chain Specifies that approval request entries are created for all the requester’s approvers, up to and including the first qualified approver. This is typically used to support a scenario where the approval must go up the hierarchy to find someone with sufficient spending limit to sign off.
Direct Approver Specifies that an approval request entry is only created for the requester’s immediate approver, regardless of the approver’s approval limit. This is typically used in employee/manager sign-off approvals.
First Qualified Approver Specifies that an approval request entry is only created for the requester’s first qualified approver. This approval type is similar to the Approval Chain type but instead of informing each approver in the chain, it jumps directly to the approver who has sufficient limit to approve.

The Approval User Setup window helps you define how approvals users interact according to a hierarchy.

The following example shows how the Approval Type and Approver Limit Type settings control the navigation through the user hierarchy.

Assume the following user hierarchy:

User ID  Approver  Salesperson/Purchaser Code  Sales Limit  Purchase Limit 
USER 1 USER 2 100 EUR 100 EUR
USER 2 USER 3 A 500 EUR 500 EUR
USER 3 B Unlimited Unlimited

As USER 1, you create a purchase document and send it for approval. What happens?

  1. Approver Type = Approver
    • Approver Limit Type = Direct Approver: A request is sent to USER 2, regardless of the amount on your document, because USER 2 is your direct approver.
    • Approver Limit Type = Approver Chain:
      • Document amount < 100 EUR: The request is automatically approved.
      • Document amount between 100 and 500 EUR: A request is sent to USER 2.
      • Document amount over 500 EUR: A request is sent to both USER 2 and USER 3.
    • Approver Limit Type = First Qualified Approver: Same behavior as for Approver Chain, with the difference that the request is sent directly and only to the relevant user. For example, when the document is over 500 EUR, a request is only sent to USER 3.
  1. Approver Type = Salesperson/Purchaser
    • Same behavior as for Approver Type = Approver, with the difference that the first approver for the document is identified by the salesperson/purchaser code. For example, given B as the sales document approver, then the algorithm starts with USER 3 rather than USER 2 (which is the approver for the user who sends for approval).
  1. Approver Type = Workflow User Group
    • A workflow group consists of a number of users who are not structured in a hierarchy. Instead, they are ordered by a sequence number that controls the order in which they receive the approval requests.

For more information, see Workflows.

Comments (7)

  1. Nathalie says:

    I am in 2016 but do not see the Approver Type field in Approval User set up table.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you,

    1. Raja says:

      Hi Nathalie,
      can you look for Table 454 in NAV 2016 . that is Approval Entry Table it got all you mentioned fields…….

  2. Carole Davies says:

    We have setup to use Approver Type = Approver with Approval Limit Type = First Qualified Approver (this is just for Purchase Orders for now)
    We were expecting behaviour as described in the documentation ie that where Approver Limit Type = First Qualified Approver: Same behaviour as for Approver Chain, with the difference that the request is sent directly and only to the relevant user. For example, when the document is over 500 EUR, a request is only sent to USER 3.
    This is not happening!!!! Instead the system is behaving as per “Approver Chain” and everyone is receiving an approval request entry

    What have we missed?

    Also, as we desperately need something working ASAP, if we were to use the option of Approver Type = Salesperson/Purchaser – does that mean we have to enter the relevant Purchaser Code into the PO Header? We really don’t want to do that because (a) a person raising a PO may not necessarily know who has approval limits to approve it and (b) we want the Purchaser Code in the header to be the person who created the document NOT the person who needs to approve the document

  3. We have been having some issues with the Notifications, and how they operate with the different Approver types. When using the Workflow user group only one approval Entry is created therefore not allowing notifications to be sent upon a rejection etc. Is this behaviour the expected behaviour or should approvals all work the same.

  4. Hossam Saad says:

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    You cannot use Gen. Journal Line: ,1640000 for this action.

    The restriction was imposed because the line requires approval.

    the system gives me this message when i tried to post a gl .
    i have disabled the finance workflow , and assign my self as a approval admin .. but the same message appear again and again..
    can any one help

  5. amol kumbhakarna says:

    Can anyone help to set following scenario in Navision 2016

    1st approval entry should go to the approver which is defined in Approval user setup & more two fixed approval entries should go as per workflow user groups.

    Currently system generating entry for only Workflow user groups member and not for Approver.

  6. Cyrus Munyao says:

    I’m using Workflow User group with four users with sequence “1” … What do i do so that the record is released when one user in the group approves the document ?

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