Announcing the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Translation Solution

The Microsoft Dynamics ERP Translation Solution is now available. This solution was developed by the MBS Engineering International team to improve the experience when Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners translate our products or the solutions developed by them into existing and additional languages.

The ERP Translation Solution is applicable to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 or earlier releases. It provides automation for the translation related tasks through the ERP Translation Tool. Translation is done in the XLIFF format, a localization industry standard format, enabling partners to work with the translation editor of their choice.  The solution provides automated machine translation and access to MS linguistic assets through the Microsoft Translator Hub from Microsoft Research. Partners are also given the option to use the free light weight translation editor available in the Multilingual App Toolkit (MAT).

Sign up in order to use  the ERP Translation Solution - the solution details and the sign up page are available at the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Localization and Translation Licensing Program Resource Center in Partner Source.


Best regards,

The Microsoft Business Solutions Engineering International team and the Microsoft Dynamics NAV team

Comments (6)

  1. Could you please provide a valid email address for the sign-up submission form that is generated in Partersource? The email we sent ealier today was returned as "undeliverable".

  2. navteam says:

    Hello Kai,

    The team is investigating why you saw that failure in delivery. The mail address is the following:

    If you write directly to this mail address, it is the same as filling in the submission form.

    Best regards,

    the Dynamics NAV team.

  3. The email address was correct, this is the one which was returned with "The address could not be found"

    To: Dynamics ERP Translation Solution Support <>

    Subject: Sign-up Submission: Microsoft Dynamics ERP Translation Solution

    Thread-Topic: Sign-up Submission: Microsoft Dynamics ERP Translation Solution

    Thread-Index: AdBGyVrtNQfJ85/sRyqdFQwakjY/wg==

    Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 14:39:47 +0100

  4. I tried it once more just now, the prepared emails are still returned immediately. After that I also sent a test email with nothing except my signature in it (at 10:23), that was accepted.

    This is a extract from the header of the returned email, if you need the whole header you can contact me

    Thread-Index: AdBJyETJrNQmm3EsRsiRH26KvkYOUQAAZuHQ

    Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 10:21:19 +0100

    Message-ID: <5BF2A730DBAA084798A06561F900ECC40D89761F@…>

  5. navteam says:


    The support team for the ERP Translation Solution assure us that they have received your test emails, and that they have received prepared emails from many other partners before and after the ones you tried to send. They suggest that it might be a problem on your mail server. You should be able to investigate the undelivered emails and identify if something on your mail server blocks the prepared emails.

    If you can't see anything blocking on your end, please write to the mail address in your standard email format, and they will be able to help you further.

    Best regards,

    your blog administrator.

  6. janani says:

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