Important Note Regarding the Soon-To-Be-Released Dynamics NAV App Update Version 1.1

An update to Microsoft Dynamics NAV for tablets will soon be available; however, here is an important note before you install that update.

If you are using Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) as the authentication mechanism, you must first update your Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 installation to CU1 or later. For information about CU1, see (login to PartnerSource is needed).

In the meantime, make sure that your device does not automatically pick up the new and updated Dynamics NAV app update version 1.1. You do that by disabling the auto update apps option on the device. On Windows devices, you launch the Windows Store, and then go to Charms, then Settings, and then App updates. Set the Automatically update my apps to No. Then, once you have run the CU1 update, you can re-enable the automatic update on your device(s).

There is more information to come soon about the Dynamics NAV App update version 1.1. Stay tuned.

Comments (1)

  1. Peter says:

    Let me get this straight – you are doing this on purpose / by design? In that case OMFG! I have no idea how people with Windows or Android tablets normally have their devices configured, but almost all iPads are configured to automatically update all apps, and if an update suddenly makes the app crash, then a fix is expected ASAP. Applying CU1 is not something done in minutes for free by the VAR, especially if using tenants. It requires planning and merging and additional testing (you guys often manage to mess something up in each CU!)

    You should really handle this issue better, and ensure the app can be used no matter which build of NAV2015 is used!

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