Zetadocs Express support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is here!

Equisys announced today, that Zetadocs Express now supports Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 and the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet Client.

Take a tablet

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 adds a new touch optimised Tablet client, introduced to improve control of the user experience on various sized tablets (7” is the minimum size really), and is the preferred client for tablets compared to the Web client in a browser.

The Tablet client is also available as an app on Apple iTunes, Google Play and the Windows Store. Functionality between tablets is largely the same, except iPads do not allow direct access to the file system. However, with Zetadocs Express on the iPad, you can still easily capture photos with the camera or the camera roll. Other tablet operating systems allow access to the tablet file system in order to choose files and other documents on the go.

Once captured they are then stored permanently in the electronic document archive and shown in context in the Document FactBox.


Works with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV you have


The Tablet client now increases the number of Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients to three; with a Web client and the traditional Windows client (RTC), and Zetadocs Express has them all covered.


In fact, Zetadocs Express offers broad platform support, from the very latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, all the way back to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 and everything in between.


Proven quality with CfMD


Version 7 of Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV was one of the first software solutions worldwide to be awarded Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. The Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) logo is version specific, giving Microsoft Dynamics customers the confidence that the add-on solution they have chosen has met the comprehensive testing guidelines updated with each version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Download Zetadocs Express now!


Zetadocs Express is a no-cost downloadable document management module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, download it now and try out mobile document management with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 tablet client today!


Comments (17)

  1. John says:

    Who cares, really…… Start developing functionality finally! Why are you keeping feeding the community with all this "127th priority" stuff!?

  2. Jens Glathe says:

    Wow, and I thought my posts were vitriolic… anyway, John is right. How about some actually working features? Or even better, a client that is usable, for a change? Like Classic Client was, despite all its quirks and shortcomings?

  3. Pallea says:

    Ahh, comon guys! The Dynamics NAV 2015 client is the best role tailored client ever. Having said that I would say that people that are not as skilled as you guys would actually like to hear about products that runs "inside" NAV.

    @Jens, what is it of working features that you are missing? I myself would like a better backup/restore functionality but besides from that, what else?

  4. Salva says:

    Why can't we upload files from iCloud Drive/One Drive/Google Drive or Dropbox? While the limitation of just importing photos (in iOS) seemed normal a few years ago, now it's quite normal to use your preferred Cloud Storage as if it was the local filesystem, and the limit seems a bit backwards.

    P.S. I understand that the tablet app is just a wrapper on top of the web client, but come on, that's precisely what Cordova does, and it's main purpose is precisely to allow this kind of interactions!

  5. Pallea says:

    @salva – they had to start somewhere. Remember its the first version of the tablet client…

  6. Jens Glathe says:

    @Palle: 🙂 Actually working reports, for a start? I mean, that has no problem printing individual headers and footers, doesn't crap out on more than 100 pages, is consistently programmable without 500 workarounds, this kind of thing? The distinction between today's NAV incarnations and earlier (CC and before) variants is that the latter weren't complete, but you had a useful toolset (that worked) to build a feature-complete solution. This has gone missing somehow.

    I don't care for the best role tailored client ever if it's still not fit for business use.

  7. Pallea says:

    @Jens… We all know about reports. And I do agree it does (honestly) sucks. The Word-integration-substitute is not a solution but a workaround.

    But still, besides from that together with backup/restore, then I really can't see the where 2009 and earlier should be better. We got more amazing functionality than ever, a product that runs on several platforms, a nice GUI-interface and still at very nice development language. Yes, I do have suggestions for improvements with the development environment, but still I's a pretty amazing language.

  8. John says:

    @Palles: "We got more amazing functionality than ever, a product that runs on several platforms, a nice GUI-interface and still at very nice development language"

    I am sorry, just want to be sure I am understanding you properly… Which "amazing functionality" did you get? Cash Management? Are you calling "this" an "amazing functionality"? If I am wrong – please, provide an example(s).

    WMS – archaic, way too, no improvements for years. Manufacturing – no major changes. Finance – nothing, but improvement of dimensions work which is too little to keep the product alive and clients to be interesting in the product/upgrade.

    "Very nice development language". Argh… I'll skip it, if you don't mind…

    "Nice GUI-interface"? Are you seriously considering RTC as "competitive advantage" comparing to another products on the market?

    A client need "Functionality", not "Hello kitty" design. Investments in platform without investments made in functionality does not worth much.

    Have been reading the blog for years, and getting more and more frustrated. Microsoft does nothing, but fancy, last priority stuff, the market does not care about.

  9. Jens Glathe says:

    I could argue with the ording, but I agree with John. Sad as it is. @Pallea: regarding products running inside NAV, oh well… I come across too many bugs and incomplete features, so almost every post would be sort of a rant 😉 And accounting bores most people to death, BTW.

  10. John says:

    @Jens Glathe

    Usually, when you have discussion like this on Mibuso, 5-6 MVPs are coming and telling: hey, be patient; hey, Microsoft cares, those guys know what to do.

    Can somebody just explain me: WHY and WHAT FOR a client (let's consider in general) needs Tablet application, if the root functionality of the application does not work properly, and is not upgraded for years?

    For years customers can't make normal returns using WMS. For years customers can't make normal forecast predictions as there are no working forecasting functionality in NAV. For years dozens, if not hundreds, of critical FUNCTIONAL problems are not solved…

    And here we are: Zetadocs and tablets support… Nice tennis rocket for an armless guy.

  11. Pallea says:

    Alright, I know this is a "battle" that I cannot win, but I still believe that Dynamics NAV 2015 is the best release for a very, very long time.

    Dont blame Microsoft for Zetadocs addon – It's NOT developed by Microsoft and by that not prioritized over what you say is "a nonworking application".

    You are obviously experienced users/developers, but let me ask you..all that stuff you have complained about, have you reported it on Partnersource..or are you only "yelling" on the wrong places?

    @Jens..we all know about reporting and the issues found. And they ARE trying to do things to make it easier. As said earlier I am no big fan of the report designer either, but Microsoft HAVE to move forward.

    @John for several areas of the application like Cash Management functionality there are local solutions of the same. So the functionlity you see know is a probably a framework/foundation of which future functionality and addons can be based up. For Instance we have more than 40 banks here in Danmark, with file formats changing reguarly. If Microsoft should verify/Validate/update these every single month, then there would be no time for development of new functionality at all.

    Regarding WMS and Warehouse – Microsoft regulary collects requests from users and NSCs. Have you reported your requests on Partnersource? Microsoft can not guess YOUR customer requirements (and they differ from country to country) unless you report it to them.

  12. Pallea says:

    I would choose C/SIDE AL any day over C# C++ etc, ask any Dynamix AX developer and you'll see how much coding they have to do for even quite simple tasks.

    GUI – Yes I do like the GUI, its simple, and I have only a few issues with lack of some formatting of columns on worksheet pages. Yes on FORMS we could create a lot of stupid things with colors ets, but they did actually not add any real value to a customer (trust me I have seen tons of stupid useless things, like birthdays flags etc on customer cards).

    Have you compared the GUI with other ERP Solutions, Have you worked with SAP, AX or E-economic? I have and I am not impressed).

    @Jens Products running inside NAV (addons) – Please, don't blame Microsoft, blame the ISV!

    @John – I se a numberous situations where a tablet client is the best choice: Users with limited skills on tablets, easy registering of data, easy "tasks". The problem is that you right now see the tablet as a full-blown client. But that was never the intention with the tablet app.

    What I find sad is that you ONLY focus on all the stuff that you say that is BAD not all the good stuff.And there must be a lot, because there are more than 1.500.00 concurrent NAV users, and new licenses sold every single day.

    I myself have done more that 100 upgrades from 2009 to 2013/2013 R2 with 99% statisfaction, and more than 50 2013/2015 installations with customers that are "impressed" by the functionality, speed of application, GUI/Simplicity and speed of development, easy training, simple setup and implementation.

    Finally, you are more than welcome to "compile" a list of issues that you think that should be fixed, and I will gladly help you with moving those issues forward to the right person/group at Microsoft.


  13. Jens Glathe says:

    @Palle: You are 10 years or so longer in the game than me, and apparrently you're in an environment where customers are willing to buy the new stuff. Not here. Here the reason to upgrade is more or less scare tactics, ex. "we're not supported, that's a risk" (true, but ever thought what in-house developers are for?), and a growing divergence between the decision makers (who buy a new version because it looks "nice" and "modern"… wtf?) and those who actually have to work with it (who weren't in the presentation room anyway, or would have been at least very sceptical if this is fit for business). I think I understand strategy a little, and for what I've seen in the last years, Microsoft's strategy is not in the interest of existing NAV customers (i.e. everybody with Classic Client). Those who pay the maintenance plan. Come to think of it, an entire release focused on an easier upgrade path… what? Upgrades have been tedious in the past, and are more or less an exercise of avoiding design pitfalls now. Backup/restore is seriously broken to be of any practical use, so you're collecting the cruft in the database in the not-so visible, depreciated structures. So what's gotten better?

    Adding to this a lot of functionality issues never cured in the last 8 or so years, some older than this. Only added complexity, but often not enough to be useful for a company that has grown while using Navision. And that's standard NAV, not AddOns. I am working with an ISV, we distribute three AddOns. They do only one thing, and they are as feature-complete as possible. 🙂

    with best regards


  14. Pallea says:


    Jens, my customer don't upgrade because they are forced to it, because they are not. They know that I can even do changes to Navigator (The old DOS version). They upgrade because they need some of the new functionality like webservices, integration to Word/Excel, Sending documents as PDF directly from within NAV and a lot of other reasons.

    We can agree on that we don't agree 🙂 But the offer still stands. Write a List in eg. Microsoft excel with some of your issues and I will bring it forward to the right people.

    You know how to find my email.



  15. archer says:

    is zetadocs express usable with sql server 2014? it seems, at the moment not (setup asks for sql server 2012). is there a workaround, a hotfix for that issue?

  16. david.cole@equisys.com says:

    Yes – Zetadocs Express supports SQL 2014. See following technote for more info: http://www.equisys.com/…/ztn4381.htm

  17. chris says:

    and what if it doesn't work like the one in 2013r2? we found problems (and the solution but we can't modify the code because of he licence) but nobody wants to hear about..

    Neither Equisys because it's an "Express version" nor MS because it's an Equisys "add-on"..

    that's the classic coolest behaviour!

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