Announcing Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Tablets

You can now experience the power and simplicity of Dynamics NAV on your tablet, whether you own an iPad, Android or Windows device!

For Customers

Download and install the Dynamics NAV app from the Windows Store, App Store or Google Play. You sign in using your usual credentials and the app connects to your Dynamics NAV 2015 server, on premise or in the cloud.

Navigate your business data using a fast and fluid interface which leverages design concepts from modern Windows and Office 365, whilst remaining distinctly Dynamics NAV. Do more on the go with capabilities such as send to Excel or Office 365, up-to-date charts and KPIs, emailing of sales quotes and invoices, and shoot and attach pictures with your camera.

Your executives, sales field, service technicians, warehouse workers and many more can now get access to the data they need from the device they prefer. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 comes ready for small businesses with the Small Business for Tablets role. For midsized businesses seeking custom solutions for various roles, talk to your Partner.

For Partners

Almost all content within the app consists of application pages coming from your Dynamics NAV 2015 server, and they are rendered using our new Tablet client, designed exclusively for touch. 

This makes development for tablets similar to development for any other Microsoft Dynamics NAV client! Create new pages or customize existing pages in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment on your workstation, and it is ready for iOS, Android, and Windows. Test your role-tailored solution directly on your workstation using the Tablet client running in the browser. You don’t even need to go out and purchase a bunch of tablets of different sizes, versions and platforms. 

Since the Tablet client is based on Web client technology, you get to reuse your investments in application objects, business logic, and modern client add-ins, and you administer, license, secure, and maintain it in precisely the same way.

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Best regards,
The Dynamics NAV team

Comments (9)

  1. Steven says:

    Is there any guidance or something like how do i video series on how to access the nav app to on premise / cloud server?

    i already download the app on my tablet but it does not work.

    already searching the solution on the web and i found out that i'm not alone in this.…/viewtopic.php


  2. Susanne Windfeld Pedersen says:

    Hi Steve,

    Please go to the msdn library to get the newest information about the Dynamics NAV for tablets experience here:…/dn789649(v=nav.80).aspx. Here you can read more about prerequisites.

    Best regards,

    Susanne Windfeld Pedersen

  3. Pallea says:


    I ANY other NAV installation a self-signed certificate is more than enough..Why the switch to a Root certificate? It so darn annoying 🙁 and adds additional costs to the customers

  4. Rene Gayer says:

    Hi Steve, did you use a self-signed certificate? If yes, you have to install it locally on the Client. If not it doesn’t work! If you like send me an email and you can try to access my free demo server! – (Note: also depending on the device different kind of certificates you have to use) /Rene

  5. Pallea says:

    @Rene Gayer

    You managed to get it to work with a Self-signed certificate???????

    IF yes could you then provide your step-to-step process, because we were recently told that it is not possible (I have tried though, with no luck).



  6. Aldo says:

    Using a Self-signed certificate with New-NavSelfSignedCertificate doesn't do the trick either. I've anybody can provide a solution your welcome.



  7. Pallea says:

    @Aldo – I am going to give the free SSL a go from startssl dot com.

    If if works then it can be bought for less than EUR 100 for a 5 year certificate.

    I still don't get the reason for not letting a Selfsigned work. I hope that someone at Microsoft can explain it a bit further, please?!?!


  8. mikebc_MSFT says:

    Thankyou for sharing your experiences and concerns.

    I would like clarify app connectivity:

    For testing or demoing of the app, self-signed certificates can be used. These are free but require some additional effort as they must be installed to each device. I highly recommend following instructions on our recent blog post at…/how-to-get-microsoft-dynamics-nav-for-tablets-to-connect-using-a-self-signed-certificate.aspx. If you still encounter issues, make sure you are entering the correct service URL in the app (https://<yourServer>/<yourWebServerInstance&gt;), and have correctly configured your Dynamics NAV web server to use the certificate. If your server is not configured with default SSL port 443, make sure you specify your custom port number as <yourServer>:<portNumber> in the URL.

    In production, I recommend customers purchase a wildcard certificate from a publicly trusted certificate issuer. By doing this, the certificate can be deployed to the Dynamics NAV web server(s) and all devices are ready to connect to it securely with no additional effort. If you want low-effort and a great user experience, this is the way to go. Most apps you use today which connect to some service do the same. Think of any web shop you have visited recently: this most likely had an https address, did not display a certificate warning, and did not require you to install any certificate to complete your purchase; your NAV users expect that same experience.

    best regards,

    Mike Borg Cardona

    Program Manager, Dynamics NAV

    1. Luben says:

      There seems to be a limitation in at least 2015 on using the wildcard in that you have to specify the DnsIdentity on all clients. Do correct me if i am wrong. I have posted the fix here:

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