Hotfix Overview Pages for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Now Available

Overview pages of released platform hotfixes and application hotfixes for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 are now available on PartnerSource and CustomerSource at the following links: PartnerSource: Overview of Released Platform Hotfixes for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Overview of Released Application Hotfixes for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 CustomerSource: Overview of Released Platform Hotfixes for Microsoft Dynamics NAV… Read more

How to Get your ERP System Up and Running in No Time

Introducing RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV If the phrase “IT implementation project” makes your palms sweat and your heart beat faster, this blog entry should be good news. It’s about a new service that we developed as a direct result of customer feedback. We listened when customers told us that a simpler and faster… Read more

Assembly Management versus Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

As many of you may know, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 includes a new application feature called Assembly Management. It is described as a set of features designed for companies that supply products to their customers by combining components in simple processes, such as assembly, light manufacturing, and kitting. At this point it may be tempting… Read more

Impact of Classic Runtime Stack Removal on Third-Party Tools

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic Client has been renamed to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment. We did this not only because we like long product names but because we want to call attention to the fact that the development environment is now specifically repurposed to developers only. C/SIDE (Client… Read more

Online Help in non English Country releases of Dynamics NAV 2013

In earlier releases, the Online Help in the Classic Client did contain two separate sections: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic Help C/SIDE Reference Guide In a non English country release, that would mean that end users had to deal with two languages in one application. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic Help would show up in the… Read more

NAV 2013 SOAP Web Services on a multilanguage environment

The policy for SOAP Web Services in NAV 2013 states that they always run in EN-US culture. In NAV 2009 it was reported a buggy scenario that was solved in build 32558 and upcoming ones (remember) However after collecting some feedback a workaround was built for NAV 2009 (remember 2) This workaround was temporary as product team did… Read more

Bio – Simon Ejsing

Simon Ejsing is a Software Development Engineer in Test for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application team since 2009. As a member of the application test team he is devoted to improving the quality of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application. During his time at Microsoft Dynamics NAV, he has been involved in developing internal C/AL test… Read more

Application Test Toolset for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

We recently shipped the Application Test Toolset for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. The supplement is applicable to the following country releases of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013: W1, AU, CA, DE, DK, ES, FR, GB, IN, IT, MX, NL, NZ, SE and US The supplement contains the following per country: Tools for managing and executing tests,… Read more

Source Code Released for Lync Communication Add-In for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Today we can announce that the Lync Add-In is available for download in source code. This Add-In is a good sample for a nice integration with other fields on a page, yet still provides a very custom functionality and rendering. It has been shown at recent conferences and is also contained on the VPC for… Read more