Report Refactoring in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Back when we released Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and transformed all our classic reports to RDLC reports, dataset field names were auto-generated and were also used in the RDLC definition of the report object. This solution did a great job of
making the reports work with RDLC, but the auto-generated names were not meaningful.

For Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, we have therefore cleaned up the reports to gain better maintainability and compatibility with the latest version of RDLC. The project actually went further than that, and we included a visual update of external reports, such as document reports, using new user experience (UX) report guidelines.

In summary, we have:

  • Upgraded 788 Reports to RDLC 2008, including cleanup, refactoring, and optimization of dataset and RDLC. This has resulted in improved performance and maintainability of the reports.
  • Visually Updated 228 of those Reports to comply with the latest UX guidelines. This has added significant value to customers. For example, the Sales Invoice now actually looks so nice that it can be used directly.

The result of all this work is that Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 has reports that are easy to maintain and that bring additional value to customers and partners.

-Coen Overgaag

Comments (4)

  1. says:


    Just wanted to share a link to the great presentation and demo some MS guys did on NAV TechDays 2012 regarding upgrading/building reports in 2013

    The movie:

    The slides:

  2. epernst says:

    You updated/refactored 178 of 587 reports in the W1 version. Can you provide a list of these reports? And when will the remaining reports be updated?

  3. Coen Overgaag says:

    Hi Erik,

    Thanks for the question.

    A small correction: for NAV2013 we have refactored for W1 239 reports. Out of these 239, there where 61 UX enhanced.

    A list of these individual reports will be published one of these days, together with a technical whitepaper describing what we did for report refactoring.

    This list will present the reports that have been refactored and UX enhanced.

    There will be improvements done on remaining reportsfor coming release.

  4. epernst says:

    Hi Coen,

    When will this whitepaper be available and where?


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